It’s time for another great contest on our website and the reward is just awesome, the full set of Borussia Dortmund 2015-2016!
I know that many of you can’t afford to buy a full official set and this is the main reason I am offering such a big reward.


Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy something for all of you but I promise you that if you will continue to follow Orlova FC and sooner or later is very likely to win something from us because I still have a lot of rewards to share with you!


This time you can win the 2015-2016 set of Borussia Dortmund. 1 emblem and 2 jerseys in value of almost 400 tokens, more exactly 393!


To register at this contest you need to subscribe on the website YouTube channel at this link: YouTube Channel!


If you already subscribed to our YouTube channel you don’t need  to move a finger because you are automatically registered!


The winner will be announced at the end of the month on our Facebook page (Orlova FC) where I also invite you to give us a like but remember that this is not a must.



EDIT: I apologize for the long delay but I was trap with something else and because there are almost 1000 registered people, was pretty hard to find the necessary time  to add them all for a fair chance. Anyway I don’t think you care much about that and you want to know how’s the winner!



The lucky winner is the username: benyato 14 xt , a message have been sent to you, also you will receive a bonus gift from me because of the long delay.


    1. Castigatorul o sa primeasca un mesaj pe canalul lui personal dar o sa fie anuntat si aici.

  1. Asoictaie din aur 3 disponibiula in 2 membri de 10 ori locul 1 !

    Primesti avantaje,vice capitan,si un super capitan si super colegi!

    Asociatia ,,GodLegends” Sezonul trecum a fost pe locul 4 in divizie !

    Va asteptam cu drag !

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