Subscribe and Win III

Another epic contest for all the managers from all around the world. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to win a great prize.  


I’m always looking to share items with the managers who can’t afford and this time I am ready to offer for free the official set of Arsenal.


If you want to win this official set the only thing you need to do is to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and for that just click HERE.

If you already subscribed before to our YouTube Channel you are lucky because you don’t need to do it again and you are registered directly.


The lucky winner will be announced on 17 march and you will have 48 hours to confirm your account in order to redeem this awesome reward.


Good luck to everyone and don’t forget to invite your friends at the contest.


EDIT– The lucky winner is the user ahmed 4moh please send us your FB address at You have 1 week otherwise the reward will be offered to somebody else or to another contest.


Thank you everyone for supporting the website at this great contest but no worries because I have many more rewards to offer!


  1. Hey buddy, hope u well..I hav a suggestion or question for top eleven, they is a limit of how many token can b earned during a season, so why dnt they reward manages who win titles nt only prize money but also tokens and why can’t they reward players that win the golden boot or most assist or best rated player with tokens or prize money..atleast with the extra token we can upgrade kits..thanx

    1. Is tricky because if you reward with tokens the winners you just boost them to the next season and probably there will be same winner. Just not sure how fair is this for the rest.

      1. Maybe we can something like depending on league position you finish, you will get certain tokens. That will give motivation for others to compete strongly to be as up as possible in the table.

        1. It is still more likely that the leaders of the league will snowball over the weaker competitors. Besides cash is already a motivator for winning the league as well as qualifying into the Champions League next season.

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