ST performance – Update

I’m not sure what’s going in the game recently but it’s super clearly that the strikers don’t perform as good as they should.          


This is not something super new and actually started few months ago despite isn’t visible for everyone in general the strikers performances are way worst then they use to be.


At low levels the strikers don’t have this issue and they perform almost normally but at high levels where the competition between the managers is harder the way the strikers perform at the moment is very embarrassing.





Not sure if is funny or not but I’ve seen a lot of midfielders and here I am not talking about wingers like AML and AMR, even defenders who are doing better then the strikers which is poor.


In November back in 2015 I’ve contacted the support team and the answers was really not what I expected and most of the answers wasn’t on topic.


I don’t want to go to much in details and post the conversations which is against the rules anyway but you can’t say to a player and I will write here what the support team told me “Don’t worry too much about individual performances and number of goals scored by an individual guy.” , please, never ever again say this to a player because is offensive.


If I buy a ST is normal for me to expect him to score, I don’t want my striker to give 20 assists, I want him to score because that’s his role in the game.


More then this, we are playing an emulator where the standards should be higher then in real life when we can say that a player is passing a bad form for months and as example maybe we can give Wayne Rooney.


At the moment I have a super easy league and super easy cup so my striker can score every few games but in Champions League where I have opponents at my quality he is performing horrible.


My team scored 27 goals this season in CL and none of them from my ST. Is just unreal that a striker who is almost 7 stars to don’t score one single goal in 10 games from which I won 9 of them.


The worst part is I am not sure if this is something related with the field position or player position and for sure as a future test I will try to use another player like MC on a ST position just to see how he perform, despite I know I will lose some possession.


Here are some others strikers from my previous seasons:

ST (one on one scorer) – 1 goal in 7 games | 7 stars

ST (one on one scorer) – 12 goals in one season in all competitions where my team scored over 200 goals | 7 stars

ST (free kick taker) – 17 goals in one season where he took all the free kicks | 9 stars

ST (shadow striker) – 1 goal in 12 games | 7 stars

Like I said at the start, maybe for some managers the strikers still perform good but in my case not at all and this is in general because I’ve seen a lot of complains even on forum or Facebook.


My hopes for the future are that they will change this as soon as possible because is not possible to pay 69 tokens and train a striker to 7,8 or even 9 stars and to perform in attack worst then a defender.


How your ST’s perform ?

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  1. I agree 100% that’s there is a problem – or at least it’s not the same as 5-6 seasons and back.
    Not that it was easy at the older seasons to find good ST, but at least when I played and won with domination, my STs had at least the half conceded goals.
    Now it’s one or nothing sometimes.
    My advice to friends I talk, is don’t use a second ST. If playing 4-4-2 , use AMC (4-4-1-1). If play 4-3-3, use 4-3-AML-AMR-ST.
    Don’t invest much token to STs (scouts, academy players, negotiations, recomended players). Just buy simple 5* players from the market and use your T for good AMR-C-L.

  2. Yep, mine too. They were lousy players, and it happened almost for 3 seasons back. I bought some new strikers every single new season, and even from scout and asst manager picks, but the results stayed the same, sigh….
    All my strikers hv 6 stars at least with 1on1 skill, and another one with corner. Yet, the goal never came as i expected, and i felt like i bought handy carrol, fernando forrest or danny starrich -_-
    In the end, my amc and aml get the jobs done, they do assists and goals. And you know what, in my last 3 seasons, the top scores in league were not a striker, even on top 3. Thus i assume, it occured widely across all players. At the moment only have 2 strikers, and what they are doing is running around here and there to keep away the red exclamation mark blinking. No striker? Absolutely no problem!

  3. Last season my ST and DR were the same level with 7 stars at the end of the season my DR was the best scorer in the league but the ST was not even in the best five.
    Note:I won the League with no defeat and lost once in the cup.

  4. My team has four ST, two AMC, five MC and they’re mostly six stars, i don’t have MR, ML, AMR or AML. But i train them well and make sure the morale is high and they’re well rested, yet recently even 3 star teams beat me and i find it hard to score even a goal. WHY?

  5. Lol, that’s because the striker responsible for passing the ball back to MC, when MR or ML pass to them while they(ST) were in front of the goal… like 8 out of 10 will pass backward.. lol

  6. lol .. see i have that issue! even when i set the mentality to attacking, my ST ends up passing when he is open and has a clear chance of shooting. idk why this is happening and those chances not taken will make me lose the game.

  7. Strikers are dreadful, spent tokens on a scout striker with one on one trait, 18 games and 0 goaas am has 16 out of 18 games.

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