Spot Defensive Mentalities by The Prof

Part 1 – defensive mentalities ( def/hard def )

Hi elite managers from The Prof 👋🏿
Time to start a topic about ‘ match reading ‘ that will include spotting opposition mentality , orders, understanding the pressure bar & reading stats.
Today i will start a discussion about
” spot opposition mentality ” divided in :
Part 1 – defensive mentalities ( def/hard def )
Part 2 – Normal mentality
Part 3 – Attacking mentalities ( att /hard att )
Part 1 Spot defensive mentalities
In the images below you can see the major caracteristics of a defeniseve team. Defensive teams are very easy to spot, they are very short on field and always on their own half during the defensive phase.
Ty for reading 🙂
Next soon , part 2 spot Normal mentality

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