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Part 2 – Normal mentality
Hi elite managers from The Prof 👋🏿
Time to continue the discussion about ‘ match reading ‘
Today i will continue with ” spot opposition mentality “Part 2
The Normal mentality
This Mentality is easily notable cause the opposition team will occupy both sides of pitch equally.
This mentality is balanced, the defensive line is a balance between a high and low line ( you can see the zone in the image below ) and this affect the ‘behaviour’ of this mentality.
You will see sometimes a
  • defensive behaviour with the team recovering the ball in their own half ( like a defensive team )
  • attacking behaviour with the team recovering the ball in the opposition half. ( like a attacking team )
The trow-in zone will be around the central zone of the pitch , sometimes under and sometimes over the midfield line ( or sometimes on it ). ( image n.4 )
Ty for reading 🙂, next Part (3) will be about spotting attacking mentality .
*Special thanks to Brother Haitam El Bahi helping me to
take some good pics

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