Spot Attacking Mentalities by The Prof

Part 3 – Attacking mentalities ( att /hard att )

Hi elite managers from The Prof 👋🏿

Time to continue the discussion about ‘ match reading ‘
Today i will continue with ” spot opposition mentality “Part 3
The Attacking mentalities
Attacking mentalities purpose are to reduce the playable area of the pitch so to make it harder for the opposition to build up and force them to make mistakes.
Mistakes that can be converted in fast goals due to the short distance from oppo goal.
Is a very risky mentality and should be used only if you have very fast players at the back ( in defence ) in order to perform the ‘offside trap’ , prevent counters and recover from danger situations where the oppo managed to escape the ” cage “.
So only use it when you are stronger or at least equal
( Note* – when i’m saying stronger or equal i’m talking about the team real potential so not the %. % nowadays unfortunately sometimes doesn’t represent a real team strenght cause of ‘mutant /semi-mutant’ players that have very high white skills and low greys, so you can see a team with 100% but perfom like a 130% team, be careful and always watch the players not the % )
Attacking mentalitys are easy to spot cause of their defensive line height
near midfield ( Attacking mentality )
on midfield line ( Hard attacking )
Dow below you can see some images that will help spot these 2 attacking mentalities.
Ty for reading 🙂 , next i will procede with the match reading talking about ‘ unknow positions ‘, not much known players positions that can be important to know and consider during a match.






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