Special Emblem – Top Eleven

Hello guys! Today we gonna show you an amazing emblem in Top Eleven 2015 and tell you from where you can get it.

This special emblem is available only if you log from Indonesia, is the only way so you can see it in the club shop.


The emblem is not expensive at all, the price is 35  and can be sent from an user to another.

How you can get this emblem? Is not hard at all! Here you can find how to get this emblem:

Ask a friend from Indonesia to log on your account and to buy it.

(This is how we got it but we strictly do not recommend this.)

Search for a trade on Top Eleven groups. You can find some good groups here.

(On a trade/exchange we recomand you not to send first the item.)

Seach for a trade, exchange or donation on Top Eleven official forum.  Click here!

(Probably the best way and the most secure.)

Don’t forget to share this so everyone can enjoy this awsome emblem!




    1. It was underconstruction, sorry for that! Everything should be ok now, good luck and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

  1. […] Originally Posted by nash123 I just want to know, if there are some emblems/jerseys, which are territorial (local – sry, don't know the right wording)? I know one: it's an romanian emblem – if you change your country to romania, you get it. So, are there more? Romania have at the moment one is true, also in Romania you can find the emblem of Orlova (lol, mine) but also there is a unique emblem in Indonesia. More details here Special Emblem – Top Eleven | Top Eleven […]

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