Spain Tour Challenge is here and comes with great rewards!

Top Eleven released the 3rd tour challenge and this time is in a warmer location and more exactly Spain.

At the start you find yourself in the North at Bilbao then you have to go a bit more to the west to Vigo, then you have to fly down of the Spain to warmer places like Sevilla & Malaga, once you done there you move up on the Mediterranean Sea at Valencia & Barcelona and at the end of your journey you must go to Madrid for the ultimate game.

Spain tour have 7 cities, the ones I mentioned above and also offer 2 check points which is more then enough and fair.

The rules of the competition are just the same as they were for Germany and UK tour.

  • You get one free attempt at the challenge. If you lose, you need to restart the tour from the beginning or the last unlocked checkpoint.
  • You only earn rewards the first time you defeat a club.
  • Checkpoints are unlocked after reaching the 3rd and 5th cities. Any new challenge attempts will begin from those cities after unlocking.
  • Your players do not lose condition and cannot be injured in the challenge matches.

The rewards are also very attractive and in total you can win 131 tokens, 2 unique jerseys, 1 unique emblem, 3 green boosters and one player between 5 to 7 stars.

  • Bilbao – 1 token
  • Vigo – Spain Tour jersey
  • Sevilla – 3 green boosters
  • Malaga – One 5 to 7 star player
  • Valencia – Spain Tour jersey
  • Barcelona – 30 tokens
  • Madrid – 100 tokens and Spain Tour emblem


I took the challenge with my main team ORLOVA FC and was much easier then I expected, despite that at some point I founded myself stuck in Valencia.

Despite I didn’t managed to get great results I didn’t struggled at all to get till Valencia and I made it from the first shoot.

Bilbao 1-2 Orlova
Vigo 0-1 Orlova
Sevila 0-1 Orlova
Malaga 0-1 Orlova
Valencia 2-1 Orlova

Valencia 2-0 Orlova

Valencia 1-2 Orlova
Barcelona 1-3 Orlova
Madrid 2-0 Orlova

Valencia 2-3(E) Orlova
Barcelona 2-4 Orlova
Madrid 1-2 Orlova

As you can see I always struggled with Valencia and surprisingly my easiest games were at Barcelona, always managing to win by 2 goals difference and scoring the most goals in a game during the Spain Tour.

One of the biggest rewards for me during this challenge was the 5-7 star player I received as a gift after I won at Malaga.
This time it couldn’t be better, I received exactly what I wanted a goalkeeper, 7 stars with 1 on 1 ability and 124% quality so it came exactly at the right time.


All together was a great and fun experience which ended with lots of good rewards for me and my team. At the moment I am waiting for France or Italy challenge!

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