Something big is coming!

A brand new feature is ready in Top Eleven 2016 but the question is: Is your team ready for a new competition?                          


Just like I said this is something brand new that wasn’t in the game and something that will make the managers to be even more active and to fight for something extra and not only the regular competitions.


Hard to predict the exactly date when the new update will come because there’s nothing official yet regarding the date but is very possible to be ready at the start of this weekend.


If you are wondering how this will look I recommend you to visit our website during this week and find more because we are gonna look for more pictures and details.


According with this picture that Top Eleven posted on their Twitter we can see that we will have some brand new trophies, 3 on number and also some emblems which is very possible to be “clans” emblem and not team emblems but we don’t know for sure at the moment.


Also as you can see is about “associations” which means you will have to work out with other teams and that’s a great team because it will help the managers to build some good friendships between managers and also making the game much more interesting.


The great part is that Top Eleven 2016 after only few months seems already much better then the old version 2015 and hopefully it will also improve more in time which I am sure it will do.


  1. Yes, i knew it will be a “clash of clan” in football managing. It very related to their last survey months ago about, players interest abt “cooperating” more with other players and chat in game.
    In my opinion, this one will drain more your resources and of course, need more “investment” to the team to be competitive.

    Btw, admin, i’d like to ask you some unrelated q from the topics (if u mind)

    1. Hv you ever experienced, that your stadium capacity isn’t 100% full, but the possession bonus still 5%? Fyi, your parking is maxed out, the ticket price is affordable and you are currently top of the table.

    2. Hv you also experienced you cannot “claim” the gift skill point from your friend? I click the gift button, but it didnt assign to the player. I’m on android anyway.

    Keep it up admin! Especially about tips and trick for us 🙂

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