Get ready and prepare for the newest challenge that is about to come from Top Eleven!

A brand new challenge is at the doors of Top Eleven but are you ready to win this challenge?

If you are wondering what is gonna be about is hard to say exactly as at the moment there aren’t any official information but judging by the name it will be related to Set Pieces like: corner kick; penalties and free kicks!

In big lines we assume is gonna be about collecting points to unlock different achievements and to get this points you will need to score or assist from penalty, free kick and penalties.

Not 100% sure that assists would count in this challenge but scoring will be for sure and that’s gonna be about more likely.

As for rewards we will have boosters, tokens, jersey and hopefully an emblem as well!

Looking to the previously challenges the first reward is gonna be 1 token and the second would be 3 blue-moral boosters, regarding the others hard to say exactly but previously we had rewards like: 5 rest packs; 15 rest packs; 10 moral boosters; jersey; emblem; 30 token so let’s hope for the best!

Prepare your best set piece takes cause this challenge is gonna be intense!

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