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We are happy to announce that Top Eleven 2015 have now a great new feature that allows you to sell instant any player.   

We all know how hard it can be sometimes to sell a player, especially if he is an old one and you are at a big level. Well not anymore because thanks to the new feature now you can sell any player you wish in just few seconds.

Because we live on earth and not in paradise, everything comes with a cost. You must know that you can’t sell your player at the full price and depending on his age and value you can get from 30% to 60% of his selling price.

Despite you can’t sell it at the full price is better for something then for nothing, no?

I think the biggest advantage of this feature is that now you can sell a player even if you are on minus and not like before when the only options left for you were to wait until the game was selling you a player and that was the most expensive one or to buy directly from the bank but we all know that it can be very expensive especially for some of us and the ratio between tokens > money was not so good.

I think we can all say now that Top Eleven made a great job with this new feature and the transformation from “sack” to “sell now” is just something pure awesome.

Watch our new video and learn how you can sell a player in just few seconds using “sell now”.



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