Scout List – Update

On 19th of July, Top Eleven released their latest update for the game which comes with a new feature for the Scout List.

With this new updated Top Eleven developers fixed minor bugs, improved the game-play experience but also add a new option for Scout List.

Now you can refresh your Scout List  at any point at any time!

The Scout List is now refreshed every 48 hours which is better then before but you also have the option to do it by yourself whenever you please. The option is located into the right bottom corner and if you cannot find it then you will have to update the game in order to access this new option.

Is not free so it comes with a cost but the costs goes down with time so if it’s not a must for you then the best thing is to wait a bit more and do it when is cheaper.

Good points

  • List is refreshed faster now (2 days and not 3 as previously)
  • Option to refresh the list at any time

Bad points

  • Cost is to high

All together we do support this update as the good points overcomes the bad points and our recommendation for Top Eleven developers is to decrease the cost of refreshing from up to 24 tokens to a standard and symbolic price of  11 tokens as 11 is the number that represent the game.


  1. I don’t like this update.
    Scout’s list must have players like the recommended.
    Young 19-20 y.o. with 2-3 positions and some useful s.a.
    Look the 1st player of the pic.

    A MR only ?
    Penalties specialist ??
    26 y.o. ???
    For 49 tokens ????

  2. I have lots of ideas which make the game better but a little cheaper for the managers but in the end you will earn more money.But my thoughts are not for free as tokens as well are not free,and hopefully you can understand my School English cause i am from Austria.Hope you contact me.

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