Be ready for a new challenge from Top Eleven and get ready for win some really awesome rewards!

3 days left until one of the most excited challenge released by Top Eleven so far and the rewards are really awesome this time you can win from boosters to tokens or even an exclusive jersey which would only be available to get by completing the challenge.

The challenge is pretty easy, just try to score as many goals as possible with as many players as possible.

My advice for you is to rotate your players on free kicks, penalties, etc to increase your chances to score your teams goals with different players.

In order to win the Scoring Spirit Jersey you must get an average of 29.2 points per day, that’s pretty much scoring 3 goals with 3 different players per day, not to hard especially if you have a good attacking line.


  1. Haaa haa haa very funny. If we get 29.2 points for 3 days it will only be 380 points. But we need atleast 420 points to get the jersey. So it should be average 32.31 points.

  2. Salut ,am câștigat aceasta provocare inca din al 4 lea meci :))) acum am 985 de puncte. Nu mai dați si voi nimic celor ce fac punctaj așa mare ?

  3. I’m at 1065 points, of course i am playing on a lower level but i’m quite sad about getting so many points without any reward 🙁

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