Beat the ghosts of the past and earn the most crazy and special reward we had in-game so far!

Running with Ghosts Challenge is the latest one from Top Eleven and is honoring the teams that played in the 1930 at very first World Cup!

During this Challenge you will have to play against other managers but also against Top 4 teams from the World Cup starting with Yugoslavia who finished 4th, United States who finished 3rd, Argentina who finished second and in the final game of the challenge you will have to face Uruguay.


  • These matches don’t impact players’ condition, moral or injuries.
  • Players can receive cards, but suspensions don’t apply from one match to the next.
  • Playing matches require event tickets. These tickets can be used only for this event.
  • You can get tickets by: entering league, matches with a Superb preparation level during this event, winning event rounds, or buying them directly.
  • Extra tickets left at the end of the event will be converted to moral boosters.
  • Winning a match unlocks the next round.
  • If you lose, your progress is NOT lost or reset.
  • The competition can be only completed once.
  • You only earn rewards the first time you progress.


  • Level 1: Round 1 (2 tokens) Round 2 (2 green boosters) Round 3 (4 tokens and 1 entry ticket)
  • Level 2: Round 1 (2 green boosters and 2 blue boosters) Round 2 (3 green boosters) Round 3 (1 entry ticket, 1 player 5 stars)
  • Level 3: Round 1 (3 green boosters and 3 blue boosters) Round 2 (6 green boosters) Round 3 (5 tokens) Round 4 (1 free ticket, 1 player 7 stars)
  • Level 4: Round 1 (4 green boosters and 4 blue booster) Round 2 (10 green boosters) Round 3 (10 moral boosters) Round 4 (15 tokens) Round 5 (1 special Halloween Jersey and 100 tokens).



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