As I promised sometime ago, I will look to offer you for free some resources and by resources I mean pictures, renders, wallpapers, covers, etc at least for the moment.
All the files are from the original database of the game & everything is 100%. If you encounter any issue please report us and also if you are looking for something and you can find you can leave us a request.
To download the files just click on the following links, right click on the picture and save as or you can use the special tools from the upper menu. To avoid all suspicions I decided to upload the files one by one and to avoid creating an archive which wouldn’t please everyone.achievements
  • Achievements : The full list of all in-game achievements available at this moments, all the files are .png format in a very good quality and also the highest quality available at the moment.

special emblems

  • Special emblems: A list of the all special emblems available in-game. You can find all the anniversary emblems, all the game of thrones special edition emblem, special Indonesian emblem, Mourinho emblem and Orlova FC emblem. Files are all .png format and also in the best quality available. 

official emblems

  • Official emblems: The full collection of all the official emblems that was available in game so far. In total there are 32 pictures, all .png and high quality.


  • Club Replicas:  All clubs jerseys and emblems replicas in the best quality possible. 


  • Custom premium emblems:  During the time, Top Eleven added a lot of custom emblems, here is the full list of all. The picture from above is just a preview, in total there are 26 items. To make it easier for you we gave them some names but remember that these items don’t have officially any name.


  • Regular premium emblems:  A full list of the regular premium emblems which you can find in-game plus the prices for all of them. 


  • Referral icons:  Because I received more requests regarding these icons I decided to add them and remember that if you need something just feel free to ask.