Finally back and plenty of time to update the blog and the best way to start it is with some redeem codes.

First of all I would like to announce the winner of our contest from January on our Facebook page.

The lucky winner of 50 tokens is Dhinho Eckenback , the tokens would be added automatically to your account during this week.

Regarding 2017 and redeem codes, I quite believe that this year Top Eleven would not release so many because there are no major events in football except Champions League. With some luck Top Eleven would release some redeem codes for the final stages of Champions League or who knows maybe for Europa League as long is very similar with Nivea Cup in the game.

Another reason Top Eleven would release new codes is when they would have some major events or updates in the game.

As far as I know Top Eleven does not have any major updates for 2017 but clearly something is in their plans. Exactly when they will release new codes I have no idea and is really hard to predict at the moment but for sure it would happen at least few times this year.

The  good and the best part is that for the next 2 months we would offer weekly a redeem code in value of 50 tokens but just as I said, just one per week which is not so much thinking on how many you are but still I do believe that is better then nothing and for sure would make few of you very happy.

Redeem codes would be offered as gift from us or as rewards on some contests that we plan to hold in the next days but more about this you can find later on the website in a special article where you can find all our contests in the next months.


      1. ej..iz hrvatske sam.mozemo biti frendovi preko facebooka i top elevena.svaki dan razmjenjujem te gift kofercice i eto..barem to mogu ponuditi ( jer sam stvarno aktivna,tj.sigurno svaki dan sudjelujem u igri i svaki dan vracam giftove top eleven frendovima )

        1. Cao Dunja. pošalji mi zahtev na fejsbuku I top elevenu da razmenjujemo kofere 🙂
          Ivan ivke Djordjevic fejs

      2. Ja razumem. Potrazi me, moj tim se zove Ujka FC. Mislim da mozes tako da me pronadjes, nadam se, ima nekog od admina da potvrdi ili kaze kako da postanemo prijatelji u TopElevenu. Ili mi odgovori kako se zove tvoja ekipa i mozda dodaj svoju email adresu pa da te dodam preko FejsBuk-a ili potrazim preko maila. Ali ne mogu vise od jedne dblnevno da saljem niti ti da primis, jer moze nas 20 da ti posalje danas, ali ti ces dobiti 1 kofercic…

  1. Hi Admin, how do you give out tokens? I also have few hundred tokens which I may not use. So how do I give them or distribute them?

  2. Doesn’t matter.
    those daily gifts are great. previous month I earned about 40 tokens in one month (plus the boosters)

  3. Żebraki tokenowe:))daj tokena i te oczy mogą że Shreka:))dam wam dobra radę…Kupcie sobie a nie proście:)pozdrawiam:))

      1. Hello admin…. Can you please give me a code to getting free tokens and booster rest most especially?

  4. o let me win one, and not just be a token 50 token but perhaps in 1000). But I would like so much again nothing 🙂 But even so, it’s an experience to play this game 🙂

  5. I need tokens pls…lack of tokens in the club makes the game so boringResponses to “REDEEM CODES 2017”

  6. Topeleven Maneger is a very catchy game and I
    Want Token to bid for a player to add to the team. Because of that, I want to REDEEM CODES. Help me please.

  7. maybe it would be better to giveaway like 3 prizes per week. 1.place30 tokens 2nd place 15 ,and 3rd 5 tokens. that way

  8. Cant log into game since last update im not happy at all. Ive spent alot ov money on my team and since last upgrade i cant even get on first screen without it kicking me off. Done all the nessesery checks cleared caaches uninstalled still wont work. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH ANDROID USERS NONE OV US CAN LOG IN

  9. Hi admin, need some more tokens.. Think the new auction system used more tokens.. Last season won e league, cup, 2nd in champion league, but the prizes were miserable. Not easy to win at least if get top4 can get some tokens as prize. Do consider… If can pls give some tokens…

  10. Bonjour administrateur,voulez vous me faire gagner des tokens pour acheter un super joueur,s’il vous plaît

    1. We have a video on or go in-game, press on tokens and you should see the redeem extra tab, click there and insert the code, that’s all.

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