Recommendations – Top Eleven

It seems that updates at Top Eleven started to became regularly and they are looking forward to improve Top Eleven 2015.  

This update seems to be very nice but not sure yet how good it is. On transfers now you can find a 4th tab / option and it’s called “Recommendations” but let’s find out together what’s this about.

Recommendations is a new option that allows you to pick a player out of 3. Players are random chosen by the game every few days and you can buy only one of them so choose wisely.

Players can start from 3 to 6 stars and their price depends on quality, statistics, roles and age.

You can talk & find more about this on the Top Eleven official thread – CLICK HERE!




      1. Hi..
        At first it was random but lately its a goalie.. goalie.. goalie.. goalie.. etc etc.
        Can you tell me how come?
        I’m starting aan little bit frustrated here.
        Better start random again if they want my tokens 😉


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