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When I started to play Top Eleven I used to use the “email support team” quite often because I didn’t knew to many things.

Then I had the great chance to meet some awesome people who helped me every time I had an issue or a question regarding the game and not only.

Recently I started to get some issues and questions so I decided to contact again the support team and I saw some big mistakes and bad / unprofessional answers from them.

First of all, they are using automatic answers to save resources, in this case people and time but seriously, how good this is? Because I know Nordeus have high standards in everything but this is just unprofessional.  This is not something new I know this but like I said, I didn’t used the email system for quite long time.

It’s against Top Eleven rules to make public private conversions so we will have to keep it low but anyway in big lines I can tell you my problems with them.


  1. Automatic answers or copy-paste how you want to say but the worst part is that the answer I got it was not even on the subject, in big line to explain you, I had an issue with the moral and they told me about players condition. Funny no? Yes but at the same time sad because in that case, they had to answer me back again with a proper answer and they lost more time like that.
  2. Answers far away from what you expected and comparing all details with a real life story. I agree with this till one point, because they must admit it that this is a virtual game and not real life.


Last time when  I suggested Top Eleven supporting websites, forums, facebook pages, groups, etc, I rated them very good with a 9 from 10 but I just can’t do it now.

At the moment I can not give them more then a 4 and this 4 is because they are still providing fast answers.

If you had any issue with the support team let us to know and share your story. Remember that you are not allowed to post pictures from your conversations with them or copy-paste texts, just describe with your own words in big lines.

I am sure they will try to improve their answers once they will see this because I know they are reading our blog from time to time.

Thanks for reading and have a great day ingame and not only!




    1. same case to me,i contacted them about not receiving my videos for 2 weeks now and it’s after updating the application,i received an answer that made me laugh because the same statement is posted on the apps help,it was just a copy pasting thing,they said that they don’t guarantee videos and yet they say everyone should receive,25+ ad’s daily…am quiting the game because after nordeus sold this game the new management has destroyed the game.

    1. We do but I don’t see the connection between this topic and your post, please look for another post where we can talk about this.

  1. Well, they are polite and patience people. Yet, they are struggling to keep up their politeness and patience cause the system doesnt work well.
    Some failures i encountering are:
    1. Latest update tends to make my app hang and crash more easily.
    2. Connection to server worse than ever before, it needs to reconnect after some tasks. While i have absolutely no problem with my data connection.
    3. Bidding clock is always incorrect, when the time displays 00:10, it actually means 00:01.
    4. The skill points i gained from trainings and matches wasnt distributed to the sector i chose. I ticked defense to focus, but it was the attck skill whose increased. Yes, the support team has replied like this, ere is limitation for unbalanced skill bla bla bla…. Wadda!? I never see such rule for that kinda things. I saw a player who has d-26, a-41 pm-26 on transfer market, is he an exception?

    Once again, i feel very nice with those specialists, yet, the system need to be fixed soon. So sorry for them who stand in between the demanding payer managers, and nordeus owner.

    Will never spend anymore penny on this app…..

    1. 1. I used it a bit but I didn’t had any problem. Can be because of connection? I play only on WIFI so I don’t have any issue.
      2. Maybe what I said on point one. Do you use data or ?
      3. Can be a delay from bad connection

      Regarding these 3 points, all are quite related. Anyway to give you a tip, especially if you have tokens do not bid in the latest second, we always bid at the start, people knows that who bid at the start have tokens.

      4. Uh this is bad but do they checked your team? Yea there’s a rule, the difference between them can be bigger then 20 points, like an exemple if you have 20-40-20 and you have one skill point you can’t add it to 40 anymore so you must go for first or thrid option.

      Thanks for replay and if we can help you with more don’t forget to contact us.

      1. Im using data connection from my carrier. I tried on data and wifi on some occassions, but ose thingee happened regularly.

        And abt the skill points, i hv some players who hv 35-29-31, 40-26-33, 29-39-32 and thier skill points was cheated! Well, i hv no comment anymore, just play it eventho the system went all wrong.

        Some crazy errorness is when u hv live match and u making some substitution. Ere were timesss i couldnt subs my own players. They are considered out, in my startin eleven. It said: “Player xxx can be used again….” Wat da….

        And they already had my t11 ID, tthey couldnt do anything….

        Thanks to you too admin for having some thought on my problems :p

    1. Like I said, I didn’t used the support team for sometimes so is possible you are right. Maybe it was even faster then now it is.

  2. I have a suggestion that would be a great addition to Top Elevens next patch when ever that may be!

    Iv always wondered why i couldn’t see other managers history of accomplishments instead of only the last season?

    You could add a feature where you could look at the whole history of other managers (instead of viewing only the last season)
    and all trophy’s hes won since he started playing the game …. I think that would be a great addition since you could only view your own history

    Thank you for you time and i hope you see this addition useful

    Marko Vasovic – Level 19
    FK Cibukovac

  3. After the last update my top eleven couldn’t open in my Samsung galaxy tab A i don’t know what the issue is but it can’t completely download the resources in have tried it in 2 other Samsung galaxy tab A and still the same thing

  4. My name is Itzik from Israel, 29 years old. I am a new player in the game and I saved more than 100 coins to buy players in the league that opens Tuesday. But when you buy the players under the title Talent Hunter there is on the right now look for 24 coins. I did not notice it and I pressed it 5 times and it took I have all the coins without buying a single player. I am asking you to return the 24×5 = 120 coins as I had. I am happy to receive a response from you. Other things I know have disappeared to them and do not know how to get you to such things

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