If you have a question about Top Eleven or you are not sure about something, please ask here!

Because the game is always looking to expend more and more, automatically we have lots of updates and this thing generate new questions all the time.

… and if you have questions about anything related to the game feel free to ask here and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

If you have a major technical issue please visit Top Eleven official support page HERE because the process would be much faster and they might be the only ones who can help you.


  1. 1. what do you think about some special ability in TE that seems useless

    2. what is your opinion about TANKING?

    3. how many times you achieve TREBLE in your entire career?

    1. Thanks for writing us!

      1. SPECIAL ABILITY: Sadly people do not really knows how does this special ability works as Top Eleven never made this publicly. I can tell you it works but the effect might be less then you expect.

      2. TANKING: I can’t judge people for tanking, I did it as well. Imagine that this is a game with no stop, the game force you to play constantly so at some point you might prefer to tank rather then let your team play randomly. Is true that isn’t fair for others but on another side the game do penalize those who tank, basically your statistics gets fucked up a lot as you will receive hundreds of goals and loses.

      3. TREBLE: Honestly no idea but probably less then I wanted. I’m more like 2 trophies man then 3. I usually fuck it up on the 3rd or well… the game do that for (with) me but so far I am super happy with what I managed to win, I think this season I will be on my 50th league title.

  2. Hi there

    I wanna ask u about connecting te to fb.
    I usually connecting my game to others fb, means i created another fb just for game. Not use the personal one.

    But since it has been long, i forgot everything about the others fb. Such password. Email password (for changes password). Means i no longer can accesss onto that account.

    Do u mind to show me any way. To connect my current TE (almost 5years playing) with my personal fb.?

    Thank you mate!!

  3. Hello ,
    I won the cup and by mistake I chose two players instead of three. how can i get the third one. Please help me.
    Sincerely Samuel

  4. Hi can you explain to me what does the money number like 930 M or 2.5 B under the level of my friends refer to? I know it refes to money but what are those money??

  5. Hi,what would you say would be a fair price to charge per person to watch a match at a home game,i have put in some charges,but the income doesn’t seem to be much, please can you advise, by the way the game is awesome. Thanks Ray summers

  6. Hi,on rewarding players for winning a game, say for example, the league, and I have set it ar 1 million,is that for winning the league, or just for one game ,thanks ,Ray summers

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