Purchases & offers: Safety info

A very useful article regarding your safety when you decide to buy tokens or boosters from a third part seller.


We live in a time of Top Eleven when everyone is pretending that they can offer tokens and boosters at a better price or worst, hacks!

Before you consider buying it from an unknown seller you might read this because is very important and the rules are very strict.




Down below you have an article extracted from Top Eleven official forum, posted by MOI, one of the main forum administrators.


We know there are third party sources offering here and there to sell “cheaper” Tokens in Top Eleven, or to complete offers on users’ behalf, or claiming they can inject boosters into your team.


Where can I purchase Tokens?


These are the only ways to legally purchase token packages for your Top Eleven team:

Any other source of tokens is not legitimate; please be advised that all these actions are forbidden by our Terms of Service, and any attempt to buy tokens from questionable sources can end up with your account being permanently banned. And what’s even worse, you can be involved in a fraud without any guarantees you will get what you’ve paid for, or they can use your credit card or payment data for other purposes.


Neither Nordeus or Facebook, Google, Apple or any offer provider we work with can help you if you get involved into these risky situations, like buying tokens from suspicious sources, or having “a guy who messaged me” injecting tokens into your Top Eleven account. And you can have your device or computer compromised, or your team / social network account stolen by someone.


“Tools” or “hacks” to inject tokens and boosters to a Top Eleven account


Please stay away from external parties, websites, “hack” tools or people who claim they can add tokens into your account if you put your social network credentials in some pretended hack tool. These are all scams that want to steal your account, and can easily do this if you tell them your login and password. With your Apple ID / Facebook credentials, they can steal you your account and even your payment data, and there’s no way Nordeus or anyone can help you in this case.


Someone has offered his Top Eleven team for sale


Selling and buying Top Eleven accounts is strictly prohibited; we will permanently disable any accounts and users involved on the sale.


Win Token and booster offers


We offer a range of offers (most of them for free) to obtain tokens and boosters in our platforms. The purpose of these offers is to help our users to get a few tokens and boosters by completing some actions -like downloading an app or watching a video- or taking advantage of specific goods or services that can also earn quite an amount of tokens.


Offers depend on your location, account history, profile, language and platform, so if you don’t see many offers on your Android device, for example, you can try with iOS, or on Facebook, or on TopEleven.com.


The use of any tool or device that spoofs your original IPs (like VPNs to access other countries’ offers) or in any other way exploit the offer system in this game (like scripts that allow you to complete some offers in bulk, like watching a bunch of videos of an external country at the same time), to fraudulently get boosters and tokens in bulk instead of completing the offers properly, is against our terms of use and can result in your account being permanently banned.


You should only complete the offers you can see from your Top Eleven account in your location, and only complete them in the way they were designed. Any external tool, use of proxies or VPNs for this action is forbidden, and please note using VPN triggers many internal warnings and alerts that will flag your account as suspicious.


We take these issues very seriously. We regularly run automatic checks on all Top Eleven accounts on all servers, and have a dedicated team proactively fighting these actions. So, if you do this we will find your account, sooner or later. It’s not worth it, as you could end up with your account terminated, and the beloved Top Eleven team you managed for years lost forever.


Abusing the system: Please note that if you are trying obtain A LOT of boosters or tokens every day, during few consecutive days, this could trigger some internal anti-cheating/fraud flags we have that control abuse on our offer system, apart from other internal warnings. When that happens, our system automatically reduces the amount of offers this user can complete for a period of time.


Reporting a suspicious user


If you think some user may be cheating, you can report him by contacting us directly from the app. Simply click the question mark “?” button at the bottom of the left menu, next to the Settings button, and give all the data you can collect about the user you want to report. A screenshot of his team profile, with his team name clearly displayed, will help a lot.


We will never ask for your login and/or password


No one from Nordeus will ever ask for your credentials, login or password of any kind. You can assume that anyone asking for that is a scammer who wants to steal your personal account and use it for his own purposes. Never share your login and password with anyone, on any platform or social network.

Be smart, don’t cheat and enjoy Top Eleven!


Be sure you know all of this before buying tokens! Remember the only legit places from where you can buy tokens, jerseys or boosters are from (Top Eleven Android and iOS mobile application; Top Eleven Facebook Page and Top Eleven official website.


  1. Why would there HACK you guys(top eleven) when you downgrade every Manager team’s any how. I was once 99% at level (2) of my manger but at the beginning of the next season i Was downgraded to 79% to 59% etc. . i am now 81% at my present level(5) due to the few token i Was given,i know by the beginning of the next season you would downgraded. If i find any body who can hack my Account for me with tokens that can revive my team players stars back

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