Players Height & Weight – Does it count?

Have you ever questioned the player’s height and weight and if these numbers actually affect game play in Top Eleven?         


I’ve seen many players who are not 100% sure if these numbers count or not and they are right to be, because at the moment Top Eleven never said something about these small details.


This might not be something very important to the overall game play, but for me it’s clear that it’s nearly impossible for a gamer like myself to determine if these numbers mean anything.




If you’re asking me my opinion it’s an easy answer, no it should not count. From my very first Top 11 match I’ve always felt that these were just some unnecessary stats that Nordeus added to give the game a more authentic feel.


But what I think is not so important as long there’s not an official answer from the game.


A few months ago I contacted the Nordeus support team regarding these questions and few others but I only got a vague answer of “yes” in response, but they didn’t specify if one or both of these affected gameplay.


Meanwhile I found out that few of them actually count but I’m not really allowed to say which and as long there’s no officially answer I will keep these for me but once again, I really don’t care about these numbers and this is my advice also for you.


What’s weird to me is that the game has some pretty sick players with odd numbers for height and weight.


A few days ago I noticed in the Top 11 official forum a thread on this subject so I started to do a bit of researching and discovered these players and their strange stats for myself.


At the start it was kind of hard to find them because sometimes it was just random, but there’s also a pattern that you can follow and you can find these odd players.


You can search for added players in the squad by the game, most of them are on the abandoned teams and their age ranges between 32 to 34 years old.


Top Eleven has always given me the impression that they care about the small details and they are always professional when it was about the visual aspects of the game, especially in the last few years when it was about the design.


What I don’t understand is how Top Eleven made this because is also hard to believe that this is just a mistake.


To understand better what I’m talking about, just take a look at these players: Height & Weight


1st player: 172 cm and 105 kg  | George Best was 172 but clearly not 105 kg


2nd player: 169 cm and 100 kg | Or Leo Messi at 100 kg


3rd player: 168 cm and 105 kg | Possible Roberto Carlos in the future but not in his glory days


4th player: 177 cm and 103 cm | Fabio Cannavaro  + Golden Ball + World Cup 2006 + all trophies and awards but even like that I am not 100% sure


5th player: 168 cm and 105 kg | Let’s not insult the legendary Romario 



I don’t think I have to show more examples to prove that this is not a mistake or if it is, it’s a big one because these small details are making the game to be perfect.


These players might be in their last year and they don’t have any motivation but really Nordeous? All of them are obese?


I really hope that in the future we will see some stats that are more realistic and I will do my best to change this in the game as long as it’s not something really important, it’s the small details that keep the game away to be perfect or at least to try to be perfect.


  1. haha funny
    Anyway, as I observed, height doesn’t affect the performance.
    I had short DCs, (1.83) great players.

  2. I noticed that i have a st/amc with 171 height. Although he has excellent heading and positioning attributes, he rarely wins heading while another st of 187cm has slightly more heading goals. Anyway it is difficult to compare players with different physical attributes.

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