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As some of you already noticed, there was an update ingame and now players can lose much more condition then before.

Recently I started to get really a lot (a alot, a lot, x10) questions on this subject: why my players  are losing so much condition now.

As I said in post title, there’s an update regarding players condition and yes, now players are losing their condition way more faster then before but let’s find why…

Top Eleven made a new update and now whole pitch pressing and man-to-man marking will consum more condition from your players.
The point was to create a more realistic game and their update is logical but is it really a must and is good for the players?

Advantages: Until now the only good thing at this update from what I can see is just the idea of the update, to make the game a bit better and more realistic.
The worst part is that so far there’s no official answer from Top Eleven to describe in detail the new update.

Advantages for the game: Players will have to spent more boosters in order to play with a very good condition every game.

Disadvantages: Well here we can talk a bit more because despite the whole idea of the new update is really good is creating a lot of disadvantages for the players at all aspects of the game.

  • Losing more condition
  • Losing more green boosters to recover players condition
  • Losing more blue boosters because playing with a very low condition will result in a poor performance
  • Losing more red boosters because playeing with a very low condition will increase the injury chance
  • Losing the opportunity to play friendly game and to win skill points, boosters and fun (for some players)
  • Forcing the player to buy more boosters
  • Forcing the player to use more boosters
  • Forcing the player to buy more players

Disadvantages for the game: From what I can see until now, a lot of people are angry and they are leaving the game. Personal, I have few good friends who left the game in just few days after this update.

Personal opinion: Despite we love the idea and the point is really good, something aimed to help the active managers, turned out to be the worst update but I have hope in Top Eleven and I am sure we all can find a middle line so everyone can be happy.

Don’t forget to tell us what do you think about this new update regarding players condition in the game and if you also want to win a secret prize from us, leave your facebook profile or id.

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  1. I think this might be a bigger problem than auto assigning skill points on mobile … We could handle this (by we i mean the active players). But to have performance … we need to buy tokens. Topeleven is a business, this is what we need to understand. A business requires employess who don’t work for free. I really think they won’t make a reverse update … this will stay as it is … like in wrestling … is good for business 😉 I personally will try to keep up with this new condition update … if things will go from bad to worse … probably i will quit the game too …

    1. Nobody said that this is something more then a bussines but to have a bussiens you must have customers.

  2. It`s really bad update. I don`t like it.((( Too much
    consumption of health and green boostres. Players play very bad in second day match. And too much injury.(((

  3. Hi

    I am an active manager and if I have to choose what is more painfull, it won’t be last updating. To me, automatic assignment is much more a trouble.

    Finally, if your team is prepared as I do everyday, no worry about final condition during a match. I starting the season with 43 green rest and I am currently at the same quantity… and fighting in all 3 competition.

    Yes I cannot load as much friendlies as before, but finally I just consider it is an advantage to the active and present manager during matches as we can order differently according the evolution of the match. This cumulate to the live rating is a big advantage to active and present managers…

    Yes less green rests… but same for all !

    I am not a token buyer and I survive !

    Eric – season 29 – level 28 – Diemerophile FC

    ID 1410067097

    1. Hy Eric,

      I guess that at the moment you have some boosters saved from prev. seasons but after sometime you will go out of them if you are keep playing everyday 2 games.

      Indeed it might be a good advantage for the active managers but nothing is proven at the moment.

      I don’t know from where are you but some people can’t get extra boosters from videos, is like my case at the moment so is really hard. I really forgot when my team had over 50% condition.

      Besides, it will require more reds and blues at the same time because low condition is affecting your team performances.

      Best regards!

  4. Hi
    I’m having serious issues too… almost my whole team is injured. My players rest, but their condition does not improve (where’s the 5% extra condition when they rest??). Please help me on this one, I’m a player for years now, and if it continues like this, I will leave too…

    thank you!!

  5. If this stays, then it is the end of Top Eleven. An idea where you have advantage when you buy tokens is widely accepted and ok. But now, you practically cant play :)) I started season with 80 rests, now im on ZERO because my team plays league, cup and also champions league.¨

    Another thing is why to not remove training and friendlies, because no one will have the player energy to use it. Players consume more condition in one match that they can regenerate per day, which si a very lol thing. So, even if man plays league only, cant have chance of having the players rested :)))))

    Nordeus, use your brain, or go to hell with this shit.

  6. Well, i dunno what to say again about this incredible update.
    Yes, this update gets the game far more realistic. Next, some suggestions to nordeus , in order to make it more and more and more realistic are:
    1. No more token for player bidding, RM/MC/PSG/BM never spend any token to get their targets players. As long as i know, they used money and money alone.
    2. No bonus possession for manager attendence or their friendly managers. Was there any possibility if Pep, SAF, Don Carlo, Mou and Platini gathered together in fully crowded Loftus Rd, and QPR would have more ball possession against their opponents?
    3. No more free gift skill point from friends. Messi skill derived from God, not his managers FB friends.
    4. No more magic treatment pack which can heal player instantly when you spend 15 packs. Arsene should have buy alot of this red boxes when xmas around. His players always badly injured when xmas comes.

    At the end, i’d like to say thank you to nordeus for this great T11 game. Yet, T11 is JUST A GAME, and let it be a game. Becoming more realistic is good, but you should think it twice, if i want to rake more money from my players, will they agree? Or will they leave?

    Hope you all AND nordeus can understand my english 🙂

    ID: 1_h0p3_711_g375_b3773r

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