Play like Sevilla – Europa League – Final

Today I am gonna show you Sevilla FC tactic for Europa League final game and you will be surprised to see how good is this tactic for your Top Eleven team.                                                              


Sevilla FC won Europa League few days ago for the 3rd time in row and this is something very huge in the football world especially when you think that Sevilla isn’t a money team.
This year Europa League raised even over Champions League with some very beautiful & dramatic games like the game of the year so far between Liverpool and Dortmund.


As I said at the start, Sevilla tactic can be a perfect one for your Top Eleven teams because it fits perfectly with the current game engine of the game and players performances .


Is very clearly that strikers in the game of Top Eleven are not a powerful source of goals anymore and in exchange the game is focusing now more on wingers and midfielders which is the same thing that happened with Sevilla against Liverpool in Europa League final game.
Emery U. the coach of Sevilla used a 4-2-3-1 tactic and he focused more on the offensive midfielders which actually managed to win the game by the end.


This can be a very strong formation in-game. Is  covering very well the defensive part because you will use 4 defenders and also the offensive part because is focusing more on offensive midfielders which are also the main source of top scorers in-game.
In defense you will need 4 defenders displayed in a classic mode like DL – DC – DC – DR, then 2 central midfielders MC – MC, 3 offensive midfielders AML – AMC – AMR and only 1 ST.


Sevilla FC formation for Top Eleven 2016



Sevilla FC didn’t forced to much in the first half of the game and they decided to let Liverpool to play more offensive but in the second half was a completely new Sevilla, much powerful, with a high pressing and a lot of  determination.


Orders for 1st half: Team mentality (Defensive); Focus passing (Mixed); Pressing style (Low); Tackling style (Normal); Passing style (Mixed/Long); Marking style (Zonal); Force counter-attacks & Play offside trap (Off)

Orders for 2nd half: Team mentality (Hard attacking); Focus passing (Mixed); Pressing style (High); Tackling style (Normal); Passing style (Mixed/Sort); Marking style (Man-To-Man); Force counter-attacks & Play offside trap (On)
Now let’s take a look on the decisive players on Sevilla FC who made the difference against Liverpool and to understand better why this tactic is perfect for your team.


Assists: Mariano (DR) – winger & Vitolo (AML) – winger
Goals: Gameiro (ST) – Coke (AMR) – winger
As you can notice the wingers have been the main source of goals and assists for Sevilla and the players who made the difference in Europa League final.


This tactic is adapting perfect to Top Eleven game engine and that’s why this can be the perfect tactic for your team.

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