This is your best Top Eleven guide if you want to play like PSG who’s dominating the football in France for half of decade now.
There’s no doubt that PSG is one of the best teams in the world at the moment and for sure the team is loved even my many Top Eleven players so I decided to write a short tutorial and to explain you how you can play like this great team.


Because they have a lot of great players is impossible to decide exactly on what are their Top Eleven players but this is our suggestion for you.





For the first eleven I decided to pick the next players: Sirigu (GK); Maxwell (DL); Silva & David Luiz (DC); Aurie (DR); Matuidi, Motta & Verratti (MC); Di Maria (AML); Ibrahimovic & Cavani (ST).




GK – Sirigu because he have more experience but Kevin Trapp is also doing very well recently.


DL – Maxwell because for me there’s no doubt that he is the perfect player for his position. Red arrow or offensive arrow for him because as any Brazilian footballer he likes really much to go up and play the ball.


2x DC  – Silva & Luiz is a great couple not only at PSG but also at Brazil where they are doing very well together.


DR – Aurier despite all the troubles he had at the club. I really like this player so that’s why I chose him but you can also use Marquinhos as DR and then you will have a full Brazilian defensive line which could be great for team chemistry but unfortunately this doesn’t apply for Top Eleven. Red arrow or offensive arrow for Aurier who’s showing great defensive skills but also great offensive skills. A defender that can score and assist very well.




3x MC – Matuidi, Motta and Verratti for the midfield couple. Was a hard decision because you can also remove one of them and play with an AML as Lucas Moura but this is our tactic for today.

  1. Matuidi & Motta, blue arrows or defensive arrow.
  2. Verratti is doing very well both in attack and defense so I decided not to use any arrows for him. Same as I did for Silva and Luiz who likes to get in attack sometimes but because they are the team main defenders I decided not to use arrows on them.


AML  – Di Maria who had no problems to find his place in the first eleven of the team after his transfer from Manchester United last summer. Red arrow for him because his a winger and he loves to run on the field sides and cross for there.




2 ST  – Cavani & Ibrahimovic is the offensive couple I chose for today. Red arrows for both of them especially now in Top Eleven when is much harder for the strikers to score.




Starting from the same formation I also made another 3 tactics that you can use very well without changing very much, only one or two players.


  1. 4-1-2-2-1 – Just move Motta from MC to DMC and replace Cavani from ST with Lucas Moura as AMR.
  2. 4-3-2-1 – Only replace Cavani from ST with Lucas Moura as AMR.
  3. 4-2-2-2 – Only replace Motta or Matuidi from MC with Lucas Moura as AMR.





Regarding orders is more up to you if you want to play your style or something more appropriated to Top Eleven game but this is something similar with PSG tactic (orders).



Team Mentality – Attacking (or Hard Attacking) | A team full of Brazilians and with great strikers like Ibrahimovic or Cavani doesn’t know something else to do.


Focus passing – Left Flank | If you play the formation we showed you, I recommend you to use Left Flank because on the right side you don’t have anyone.


Passing style – Long | When you say PSG is attacking you are very often saying, long passes in the box for Ibrahimovic which is a very tall player but also Cavani is a great header too among others like their defenders Luiz and Silva who are also great headers. Last year if we remember they’ve sent Chelsea out of the Champions League after 2 goals with the header from Silva and Luiz.


Force counter-attacks – ON |PSG is also a fast team who loves to strike on counter attack.




Pressing style – High


Tackling style – Normal


Marking style – Normal


Play offside trap – OFF



If you like this tactic don’t forget to share it with all your friends and as a bonus I decided to show you also all PSG items from the game added so far. The pictures are extracted from the game and they are at the highest available quality in the game.


PSG Emblem 2252_v3PSG Jersey (home – 2014/2015) – CLICK HEREPSG1

PSG Jersey (away – 2014/2015) – CLICK HEREPSG2

PSG Jersey (home – 2015/2016) – CLICK HEREPSG3

PSG Jersey (away – 2014/2015) – CLICK HEREPSG4

Don’t forget to share your ideas with us and if you will want to see the tactic of a certain team feel free to ask us and we will try to make it possible. Good luck in the new season of Top Eleven!




  1. I ‘d also like to have shirts in my collection , but I play like Real Madrid style. 4-3-3 .

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