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Manchester United with Mourinho as coach is promising to be the revelation of the season in EPL but would you like to play like them?                                                                                               


For you today I have two tactics to play like Manchester United, one is coming from me and one is coming from Top Eleven official blog.


Is up to you to decide what formation is fitting your squad better and what are your possibilities.




This is the Top Eleven tactic that we took from the official blog and here you can read the extended article:


As you can see they went for a 4 – 1 -2 – 3 that’s more like a classic 4-3-3 but always with a midfielder who would try to help the defensive line.


This is very likely because Mourinho loves strong defensive formations and one of his main goals is not to risk very much.


Regarding orders, they are also quite right but Mourinho wasn’t same at Real Madrid at it was at Chelsea but on another side is clearly that there was a difference of value between the two teams and also individual players.




If you want to play  just like we would do, here is our advice if you would like to play like Manchester United 2016/2017:


Formation: 4-1-2-2-1 , I chose this formation because this is also a very popular formation in Top Eleven and seems to be a very good one.



Starting XI

GK (De Gea)

Shaw (DL) – Smalling (DC) – Blind (DC) – Darmian (DR)

  • Would be a real battle in the center of defense but I think Mourinho would go for experience and he won’t risk to much. Bailly would clearly have his chance but not sure if he would confirm as long he wouldn’t have to many chances because he would have to compete with Smalling, Blind, Rojo, Jones and few more.  Also would be nice to see who will manage to be the DR in the team as long Darmian would have to fight with Varela.

Carrick (DMC)

  • Clearly gonna be a battle here between age and experience, Carrick already passed his 34’s and not sure how much he would play. Schneiderlin gonna look for his chance to make it in the first XI for sure.

Ander Herrera (MC) – Mkhitaryan / Rooney (MC)

  • Again very hard to know how is gonna be there, Rooney because he is Rooney and he would need to be in the first XI but as I know Mourinho and his personality we might end up without a Rooney in the team if he doesn’t manage to improve his fitness and performances. Is well known that in the last 2 years he didn’t played very much and also not so well as before.

Depay (AML) – Mata (AMR)

  • Again same issue, a lot of players because United have a very big squad and not so many players proved that they are irreplaceable. Martial can also play as a left winger but I have a strong feeling that Depay would be his favorite player.
  • On the right side I might be wrong because we all know that Mata is not a favorite player of Mourinho and looking on their past they had some issues according to the press but I guess they can take over as long is a new journey for Mourinho and he needs all the help he can get and Mata proved he can be an asset for any team. Januzaj, Lingard would also get credits to play on this side where also Mkhitaryan proved so well at Dortmund that he can play and is one of his main positions.

Ibrahimovici (ST)

  • More then sure he is the man but I am very curious how Mourinho will adept the formation because he would clearly need to go to a 4-4-2 or any other formation with 2 strikers by looking in the squad where he have Rashford, Rooney, Martial.




Team Mentality – Defensive / Normal

Focus Passing – Mixed

Passing style – Mixed / Long

Force Counterattacks – ON



Pressing Style – Low / Normal

Tacking Style – Normal / Hard

Marking Style – Zonal

Play Offside Trap – NO


As you could noticed my tactic suggestions are pretty same with Top Eleven suggestions but remember that this is Top Eleven and not real life and you should test your own to find what suits better your player according with their performances.


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