This is your chance to learn how to play like Brazil 2002 who was one of the greatest football squad in history.

Probably the only squad in football history who gave us the honor to see 4 ballon d’or winners: Ronaldo ’97 & ’02; Rivaldo ’99; Ronaldinho ’05; Kaka ’07.

For today I prepared for you 2 squads, one presented by Top Eleven and one by me, feel free to choose anyone you want.

Historical speaking Top Eleven approach is more realistic but I tried to create a better team and focused on wingers like AML and AMR who are the strongest positions in game at the moment.

Top Eleven Brazil 2002 tactic: 4-4-1-2 (Marcos; Roque Junior; Edmilson; Lucio; Roberto Carlos; Kleberson, Silva; Cafu; Ronaldinho; Ronaldo; Rivaldo.

Orlova – Brazil 2002 tactic:  4-1-2-2-1 (Marcos; Cafu; Lucio; Junior; Carlos; Edmilson; Kaka; Silva; Rivaldo; Ronaldinho; Ronaldo)

  • orders: team mentality (attacking); focus passing (mixed); passing style (mixed); force counter-attacks (on); pressing style (high); tackling style (normal); marking style (zonal); play offside trap (off)


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