PAOK and Top Eleven already have a long history together in the game but do you know all their jerseys?                          


Everything started more then two years ago on 8 April 2016 when Top Eleven managed to expand their collection with one of the most popular nowadays football team from eastern Europe.


Until now they managed to add 10 items of PAOK and is very likely to have 3 more in the near future.



I managed to find at least one picture of all of PAOK items released so far in the game and for the seasons 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 you will also have the option to download / copy the images of the jerseys extracted directly from the game at the highest quality released.


For the season 2013-2014 I did not managed to find individual pictures for all the jerseys but in exchange I managed to find the promotional picture that was released when they announced the new items.

paok top eleven

PS: If you have this set I am ready to give you items in value of 1000 tokens (officials in value of 500 tokens + premium in value of 500 tokens).


The jerseys from 2014-2015 are my favorite jerseys from PAOK especially because of the simplicity they show and the 3rd jersey is just badass with that very clean look.

PAOK1 PAOK2 PAOK3 2127_v3




































2015-2016 came with a change of look and a new sponsor, this time Macron who if I am not wrong is their first jersey sponsor or one of the oldest and as you can see for the home jersey they adopted a classic log but the biggest change was on the 3rd jersey where they came with an army-style jersey which is quite weird but doesn’t look bad at all. What I don’t like at them is the big name of the sponsor from the chest.


2127_v3 PAOK4 PAOK5 PAOK6






































I also have the new jersey of PAOK, I’ve got them from their official website so you can make an idea about how they would look if the partnership between Top Eleven and PAOK will continue.



3 2










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    1. No and I don’t think in 2016-2017 we will have Chelsea, is really less likely. I assume it will be Liverpool and Arsenal again from Premier League.

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