Orlova Perfect Cup – Top Eleven

Do you think is possible to win the CUP without conceding a goal? YES! Orlova won the CUP without conceding a goal!

We all know that the CUP can be a pain in the ass, because most of the time you have to play against other managers who have a much better team quality and a better level then you and this is a problem for most of the managers.

Few months ago the team Orlova Academy (Romania) won the CUP without conceding a single goal during all the tournament. 13 victories from 13 possible, 77 goals scored, 0 conceded!

You can follow Orlova FC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OrlovaFC or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/TopElevenRomania .

If you know other amazing stories, send us some pictures and let us to know. THANK YOU!


  1. Like usually Orlova Fc he’s a f…. Romanian and like all the Romanians he keeps the Orders formation just for him, on his facebook page he wants to know how great manager he is and how many titles he won he doesn’t want to help other managers to win or share some secrets about top eleven, Great job Orlova Fc u won every season the league. ucl, and the cup wow how great u are u want to make u a statue for how great u are as a manager, ty for helping us with nothing….

    1. More exactly what do you want from me? To take now all Top Eleven players and teach them how to play?

      I already posted my formations and tactics N times, this is just a game, I have other things to do.

      There’s also 2 tutorials about how you can play just like me, if you can’t find them, that’s not my problem.


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