Orlova FC – Treble + GIFT

As I promised, I have a lot more gifts ready to share them with you and because we won the treble this season I have a special gift for you.                                                                                               

The league is still ongoing but technically is impossible to lose the league title anymore so I am the happy and lucky winner of the treble this season.


If my Association manage to win the tournament this round it will gonna be a perfect season because we already managed to win the first two tournaments.



CUP was easier then we expected and going up in level is making even easier as long I am not quite on a strong server and not many teams left at my level.


Champions League was just insane, we faced a player with a 9 stars striker who made the difference for him but with great luck I won at the penalties lottery.


League was hard and it was a fight till 3 rounds ago when the direct win against the second placed team made the difference on the table and gave us a good advantage.



Associations tournament were great so far and hopefully we can win the 3rd one and to complete a perfect season where I would win all the available trophies. Now we have to see but I am sure we can do it because we look stronger then our opponents.



To celebrate this I am offering an emblem of our team: ORLOVA FC as a gift for you, all you have to do is to leave a comment with your Facebook address or with your email address and if you are the lucky winner I will contact you. The deadline is 26/06/2016.



ANNOUNCEMENT: From personal reasons we have to stop the contest 4 hours before normal deadline and the lucky winner is Rafael (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009956864057) CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. Congratulations lads and good luck next season…!! Hopefully am the lucky winner today….!! ? cheers ?

  2. Congratulations man… To win the league is an achievement but to win the treble is on a completely new legendary achievement…. Well done man

  3. Felicitari pentru superbul scor , profesionalismul cu care iti conduci echipa si multe altele !

    Nu sant sigur daca euvoi fi alesul premiului oferit , dar in schimb pot sa invat unele lucruri de care
    fiecare avem nevoie in a menaja echipa si desigur celelalte lucruri in Top Eleven.
    https://www.facebook.com/sandel.tone este link-ul meu .
    Mult success in continuare !

    1. The rotation is always same, a season holds for 4 weeks 🙂 Season will always start in a Sunday and League will always start on a Tuesday.

  4. Admin, please with what and on what do you judge these competitions on? To be candid, I think releasing a redeem code stuff will be beneficial to all… Good work here though! Thanks.

    1. Because of the huge number of people who visit us, I can’t afford to send to everyone, that’s why I decided everything I share to go on contests so everyone can have an equal chance.

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