Orlova Academy – Romanian Team

If I could use an word to describe this team would be “experiment”. A 3,4 months projected turned out to be the best experience I had in Top Eleven. This is my epic story with Orlova Academy:

I never expected to play so much on this team, my plan was to play few months for fun without buying or using extra tokens from offers, etc but I started to love this team really much and I decided to play for a longer time. A very great experience!

I played for more then 1 year and half and this is a very long story but I will make a summary:

Club Name: Orlova Academy!Orlova Academy is the little sister of Orlova FC and the name came from our big team.

Budget: Money – ??? / Tokens – 20-40 per season. Yes! If you are wondering if is possible to play without extra tokens, yes is possible and we won so many great trophies…

Win Bonus: Always maximum possible! On all my teams this is something I always do, my win bonus is always set to be at maximum.

Friendly: NO! I was never a fan of friendly games especially because I used a limited number of players, around 14. The budget was also limited so I was looking to avoid injuries.

Formation:  I end up with crazy formations because my formations are almost just my best 11 players based on their quality.

An example of some of my crazy formations and guess what? With both formations I won the treble, HA! Yes, you are not forced to play with symmetric formations.

1907423_306330172871765_4686979392166907073_n  11391569_423131837858264_2399354243776259579_n


Orders: From level 1 until the moment I decided to stop I used the same orders and I never changed because of my opponents.

  • Team mentality: Attacking
  • Focus passing: Mixed
  • Pressing style: High
  • Tackling style: Normal
  • Passing style: Mixed
  • Marking style: Man-to-Man
  • Force counterattacks: Yes
  • Play Offside Trap: No

Training: NO & YES! I was not training all my squad just from time to time few players, mostly teaching them a special ability. My advice for you, don’t waste your boosters on few skill points, keep them for something else like recovering your players (green boosters) or heal injuries (red boosters).

Condition and Moral: 95% and Superb always! This was a standard goal I set from the moment I decided to play. My players almost always had the moral superb and over 95% condition.

Jersey and Emblem: Standard items. I could get any official jersey and emblem from in-game but no, I used basic items because items don’t win trophies.


Random Stats: I don’t have the details of all but we have some pretty great statistics.

  • Almost 83% win rate in 900 games
  • 24 wins in row
  • 50 games without losing

Trophies: Unfortunately I don’t have the exactly numbers but approximately:

  • Trophies won: 56
  • Trebles: 6
  • Leagues: 18
  • Cups: 12
  • Champions League: 10

All these trophies in just 19 seasons!

The best season was at level 5 when we made the treble and we won all the anniversary World Cup trophies.


And the best the achievement was winning the Cup without conceding any single goal. I never saw  this at somebody else so I feel proud because of that. More details here….

The best league we had with Orlova Academy!


I feel like we could do better but I do not want to complain because I feel like I did my best and I made an awesome job with Orlova Academy.

As you can see is possible to play without extra tokens and win a lot of great trophies but I can tell you from my own experience you also need a lot of luck. I had a lot on Orlova Academy and many times I won from pure luck and not because I had a better team or I was a better manager.

I hope you find this post motivational for your team and don’t forget to tell me what you think and why not, share your team story or experiences!




  1. hi admin , please I am the problem of skill points Top Eleven 2015, last week I played top eleven on android phone my friend . then I forget to remove my account , of it when I do not attend a match of my team , my skill points automatically increase or missing . how can I make my skill points intact . even though I had changed my facebook password if I can install the game top eleven on my android phone the old version . admin please help me , thanks

    1. If you are using the new version and more exactly Top Eleven 2015 then you can’t do to much because now the points are automatically assigned.

      You can get the old version from Amazon and it should work!

      Let me know if you found how to install it from Amazon and if you need more help. Good luck!

    1. Like I said there, I don’t have a favorite formation but what I used for a longer time before was 3-1-2-2-2 (dc-dc-dc-dmc-mc-mc-aml-amr-st-st) but I don’t recommend anymore especially because the strikers performs bad now.

  2. Hi Admin,

    Great job, nice review !
    But as you told us, this story starts at level 1. And in this case It is really easy to get very good results. As yours ? Maybe not !

    But for experiment managers (second account even if fordiben by Nordeus – or – new club taken in charge giving-up first one) it is easy to know how to build a strong club from level 1, avoid token buyers in competition tables, etc.

    And then get similar results to yours !

    Otherwise I have to recognize 26-0-0 and 180 goals versus 1 only is a “must” not given to everyone to success in it !

    Now I would like to know if you will succeed in such a way with this try starting from level 12-13 for one year ? Why ? Because it is the time all difficulties are starting to come true.

    Diemerophile FC – Level 30 – Season 31

    1. Hy Eric, indeed this have been my second account and clearly easier for me to play as long I knew many tips & tricks from the start.

      How to save tokens, boosters, players needed etc.

      I made many times 26-0-0 not only once at many levels, even up to 20+ but with 180-1 I don’t think I will ever do it again but who knows.

      I think I can transform a level 12,13 in a trophies winner without big problems as long I succeeded this by helping a friend who had an average team and I make him to win big trophies every year (season).

      Anyway the transformation can be just like that over the night, you must analyze the server for a while to see your opponents, etc.


  3. hey I am level 39 now and I am 2 second on the league I Watch every game every time what I not understand Is the 1 league leader has even watch no 1 match sinds the beginning so my point is a club is nothing if they has no club manager that not looks the match it is not logic

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