On Fire Morale!

Hi Managers,¬†how’s that season going? will any manager be fired? ūüėČ

Those who are following the Real Life football can see how the temperature in the environment has risen by one degree so, between this and the latest news in top eleven we have ordered two hundred thousand fire extinguishers to prevent the world from becoming a great barbecue. 

Yeah, sweethearts, in Topeleven.info we are committed to the environment and the survival of our species and all the little creatures of the lord that are surrounding us -tankers included-.

As you already noticed, on the current season Top Eleven introduced a new morale state, called “On Fire”, which is better than the Superb Morale that we previously had as a Top morale level.

This new level can’t be achieved just using blue boosters, it needs to be earned by the player after a great performance.


As many managers have already found after a deep investigation the circumstances in which this new level is reached, let’s list and share, the situations in which this happens:

-When a player scores a hat trick, the player is On Fire on the following match, so during 1 match.

-If a player makes 3 assistances, he’ll be On Fire 1 match.

-When you buy a new player this will remain super happy like a well feeded hamster for the next 5 matches.

-If you train a player, and this achieves the 5* onwards, the status will remain between 2 and 5 matches.

-Training a Special Ability unlock the On Fire status for the upcoming 3 matches.

-Those players that at the end of the season win the Top Scorer, Top Assists or Top Rated will be on fire 3 matches.

-And finally, after a successful season, the level will be earned depending on the trophy we lift, if we win the League title, or the Champions League, our players will remain On Fire 3 matches since the new season begins, and if we win the Cup or the Super League, our players will be On Fire 2 matches.


We can’t deny that this new Morale status has been introduced¬†in a visually striking way, I think that all managers will agree that the new animation looks amazing and gives the game itself a “fresh” -lol- touch in terms of design.

Players are literally burning, let them be…






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