Old School – Achievement

Today I decided to show you more detailed the “OLD School – Achievement” so today we gonna talk abit about this.    

Let’s take it from the start and talk about how you can unlock this achievement. Well you can’t do to much and you have only one thing to do for this achievement, you must play and play and play.

This achievement is the longest one and in order to full unlock it you must play for a very long time and to be more exactly, you must play for 10 years.

Once 1 year passed since you logged first time on  your Top Eleven account, the achievement will be automatically unlocked for you. For each level of this achievement you must play 1 year.

I guess now you are wondering if somebody unlocked it all. The answer is no because the game have only 5 years so the maximum level at the moment is 5 but there’s an exception and actually there’s somebody who did it but he is not a real player, he is a robot and you can find him in the game under the name “Jose Mourinho” if you will really like you can visit his Top Eleven profile page at this link.

We prepared for all the picture of all 10 achievements so enjoy watching.



At the moment on our main team Orlova FC our achievement level is 4, not bad thinking that the maximum available for players is 5.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you. Thanks for reading and have a great day in Top Eleven 2015!



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