Old design – Never used

Surfing on the internet I found by mistake an old project of redesigning the UI (stadium) for Top Eleven and I decided to share this pictures with you. Enjoy!                                                                

This design was made by Atomhawk, a very great designing company who’s having a very rich portfolio with some big names inside like Nike, Marvels, Disney, etc and who also made something for Nordeus & Top Eleven.


Now, I am not sure if they are fully behind the second version of the stadiums design or they just made some improvements because isn’t clearly from the website but what they made was quite nice and some elements seems to be displayed in the new version of the game, Top Eleven 2016.


Anyway, here are some pictures that I’ve prepared for you and I hope you like them and yea, I like it more then the one we had in the game. Not every aspect but in big lines yes.



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