Old Android Version – Game over!

People are starting to talk about the old mobile game version for Android devices which isn’t working since the update… 

… but what they can do? Nothing!


We are sad to announce that Top Eleven gave up on the old mobile version of the game and I suppose is because they are trying as much as possible to promote the new version of the game.






I’m not 100% sure about this because I haven’t used to much the old version of the game but if I remember good there wasn’t any notification in-game regarding the new update and is pretty much upsetting for some players and here’s why:


  1. Many people don’t afford to buy a new device that support the new version but also is true that we can’t really blame Nordeus directly for this but again at the same time, they should know that many people are playing the old version of the game not because of the skill points or something and simply because is asking for less resources. Even me because sometime ago I got a tablet almost for free because I have some points and they gave me a cheap tablet which was OK for the first Top Eleven version but not for the second one which was moving really slowly on that device. Thankfully at the moment I also can play on my iOS device where the game moves perfectly and the new mobile version is really great.
  2. Play Now! players? Not sure what’s gonna happen with them if they can’t play on their devices anymore because is not like at the rest when they can find almost at any time a device where they can log using Gmail or Facebook account.  Sadly, on forum, Facebook I’ve seen some people already planning to give up because of this and even on our website few people contacted us because they simply can’t play the game anymore.
  3. Play Now! Token buyers? Here might be the real issue, on the players who spent money in-game but now they can’t do anything. Not sure how many cases are like this but for sure are and our advice is to contact the support team at support@nordeus.eu in order to recover your team if this would be possible.

Last days we contacted the support team in order to received an official answer regarding the old version of the game and here’s a short part of the message we received back:

  • With the new Top Eleven update released on February 11th (version 4.0), we are unfortunately ending support of Top Eleven mobile versions prior to 3.0 (previous TE 2015), due to technical limitations.


Here’s what you get today if you are trying to log in the game using the old version of the game:



The main reason they closed the application is because is not easy to keep so many versions of the game like Top Eleven 2015 (v 3), Old mobile version, Old desktop version and work at all at the same time.


Another reason might be because it would be hard for the support guys to focus on all versions and now that basically is just one version of the game it must be way easier.



What’s next I am not sure because I don’t think Top Eleven will reopen the old mobile version for those who can’t play the game anymore.


What I don’t understand is why they took this critical decision during the season and we support reopening the old version until the season is over so the transition might be easier for all Top Eleven players.


My advice for all people who have this issue is to contact the support team and to see if for them is any chance to play the game.


Once again we are sorry because we have to give you this bad news but  I think is better to be public and inform as many people as possible in order to decide what’s next for them.



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