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Hello folks, let’s take a look together at Top Eleven official forum and let’s find out what you can discover and how good it is.

From my point of view, Top Eleven official forum is the best place to visit if you want to find more about the game because you have the chance to meet a lot of managers with great experience.

Let’s take it with the start and let’s see how you can connect (log in) on the Top Eleven forum.

To connect on the forum you have two options. First option is to log in with your Facebook account, this system is almost instant and the second option is the classic one and is asking for a valid email address but this is probably the best option if you plan to stay for a longer time.


 With red you have the option to log  directly from any Facebook account and with yellow you have the classic  option to register with an email.

Now let’s take a closer look together and let’s  discover what we can find on the T11 forum.

The forum is divided in more parts and is also offering support in more languages like Romanian, Turkish, Serbian, Spanish, Indonesian, Greece, etc and of course in English.

Let’s take a look at the general forum which is in english. The forum have more categories and I will gonna take them one by one to describe you better what you can find there.

  1. News an Announcements –  The name is saying quite everything but a good tip is that you can find  there, also links to the latest Top Eleven contests. If you want to win some free tokens, you clearly need to visit that zone.
  2. General Forum – Is a great place to check what other managers are doings and see the latests discussions about the game.
  3. Tutorial and Guides – If you are not an expert of the game, you really need to take a look at some of the tutorials and guides that are on the forum. A lot of managers, shared their Top Eleven tips and tricks and you can clearly learn something from them.
  4. Formations and Tactics – Because is quite impossible to know how to counter all type of formations, you can ask for some advices there.
  5. Bugs & Tech. Issues – The forum is also offering  support for any kind of problems / issues you have, if you can’t find something, you have an error or something like that, check there and for sure you will find the help you need.
  6. Suggestions – If you think you have a great suggestion about the game, why don’t you share it with everyone? Some of users suggestions are already in the game!
  7. Team Showcase – The best place to share your story and check other managers teams.
  8. Add a Friend – Plenty of new people are sharing their Facebook address there every month. If you are looking for active friends in the game to change boosters and support, you need to visit that part of the forum.
  9. Off-Topic – A great place to chill and talk about something else, like music, movies, hobbies, etc.
  10. Football – Because Top Eleven is a football game, the forum also have a section dedicated to the forum where you can talk about everything related to real life football.

Like we said above, the forum is also offering support in more languages and everything you can find in english you can also find in Serbian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian and Turkish.

Another great advantage is that you have a better chance to get in touch with somebody from Nordeus and all the moderators are Top Eleven regular players so in one day you might also have the great chance to became a moderator and help the community.


If you don’t have a forum account, you should try because you have only to win.600x


  1. Guys yesterday I had over 100 tokens today only 14,think I’ve been robbed? Any body had the same problem?

  2. Estou nas transferências a tentar comprar jogadores. Acontece que jogadores australianos apenas com 6 estrelas, são adquiridos. Vou ver a equipa que o adqueriu é o jogador é automaticamente LENDA???!!!!! Assim não vale a pena perder tempo no TOP ELEVEN

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