[OFFICIAL] CL&SL – Rules & Competition

[OFFICIAL] Champions League and Super League – Rules & Competition format

Hey Everyone!

We thought we’d take the time to talk about the Champions League (CL) and the Super League (SL). Specifically:

1) How to qualify for each of these competitions.
2) What are the general and tie-break rules.

So then, let’s begin. 

I. Qualifying

Champions League:
– To qualify, your club has to finish the League in the top 4. Beginning next season your club will be added to a CL group.
– Winning the CL trophy automatically qualifies your club for the CL next season! 
– Winning the SL trophy will qualify your club for the CL next season as well.

Super league:
– To qualify, your club has to finish the League competition between 5th and 8th spot.
– If you get knocked out as 3rd in the Champions League group phase, you will automatically qualify for the Knock Out phase of the Super League for the current season (at the 16th finals)! 

II. Competition rules and tie-break

There are two phases in each of these competitions: The Group phase and the Knockout phase. Rules are absolutely the same in both competitions.

Group phase.
Both CL and SL start with 32 teams spread across 8 groups, each consisting of 4 teams. The top two teams in each group qualify for the Knockout phase of the their respective competitions.

NOTE: When it comes to the Champions League, the team that placed 3rd in the Group phase does not proceed further, but that team will be placed in a Super league competition’s Knockout phase.
Here is how that looks in the SL competition table:


When two or more teams in the group phase are equal in points their spot will be decided under the following criteria.
Please keep in mind that you have to check the statistics achieved through matches that heve been played only between the teams currently in tie. Thus, you must calculate points, goals, and all other stats based only on the results of those matches.

Jeeves: This is an often brought up matter that people contact the support team about each season. Your spot in the group stage is never a mistake, trust me.  Also keep in mind the following when you calculate your results: Points Win=3 Draw=1 Loss=0

Knockout phase.
CL – The winner in each group plays against the runner-up of one of the other groups. The pairs compete against each other in a two-leg format.
SL – The winner in each group plays against the runner-up of one of the other groups. Those that survive the round of 32 will play against one of the 3rd placed teams from the CL group stage (as mentioned before), in the round of 16.

Tie-break rules – In case of a tie, the away-goal rule is king here. The team that scored more goals while being the away team, proceeds to the next stage.

Did you know?

  • You can switch between the CL and SL competition table by going to the respective competition’s menu and selecting the drop-down menu at the top left.
    Like so:

You can view the rules of the competitions and find out how much cash each stage nets for a victory by selecting the blue encyclopedia at the top right of the screen. The Tutorial button located at the top of the newly opened window, will play a video tutorial about the competition, when selected. 

  • The tie-break rules are the very same that the UEFA uses!  Check them out in our F.A.Q. and also on the wiki.


  • The final match – Just like with the Cup competition, the final showdown of the Champions League and the Super League will always be played at a neutral stadium.
  • Well, only thing left is to wish everyone the best of luck in the Champions League and the Super League! And of course the other competitions as well. 

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