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It’s official! It is about time to know exactly the changes coming to associations in Top Eleven as of April 25th.

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From Season 144, Football Associations will be competing in a new division system which brings a new layer of competitiveness and prestige into FA tournaments. With a new division system, somewhat changed promotion/demotion mechanisms will be introduced.

The number of divisions will increase from 10 to 11. With Bronze 3 and Bronze 2 being merged into one Bronze 2 division, we’ll be adding two prestigious divisions on top: Diamond and Ultimate.

Progress through divisions all the way to the top! Higher divisions offer higher tournament rewards.

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At the beginning of each season, your FA is placed in a group of 64 FAs from the same division. In the leaderboard of 64, you will be trying to surpass other FAs by collecting points from winning matches, tournaments, and special limited-time events. The points your FA earns during the season will determine your place in the group leaderboard. Your position on the leaderboard will indicate whether you will promote to a higher division, relegate to a lower division or stay in the same division.

Note Division groups will be made on the 4th day of the season and all Associations will play in the division they qualified for this season with Diamond and Ultimate waiting for the first FAs to grab a spot. With the new system in place, points collection will start with the first tournament. Tournaments are made by matchmaking same-size FAs across the whole Division. At the start of a new season, points will reset and new groups will be made.

Are you and your teammates ready to climb all the way up to Ultimate?

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FA Points Multiplier

New Association tournaments will also bring a new points calculation system with an introduction of FA Points Multipliers.

Every member of the Association will have an FA Points Multiplier that will be multiplying all their points during the season and determine tournament rewards eligibility. The FA Points Multiplier will be calculated based on the Manager’s success in the previous seasons and will last throughout the whole campaign.

Your League performance from last season determines the multiplier with which your FA points will be calculated and determines if you’ll be eligible to claim rewards after every tournament.

If you’ve finished 1st-3rd spot in the League the season before you will be eligible to claim tournament rewards and will have x3 Multiplier
If you’ve finished in the 4th-8th spots in the League the season before you will be eligible to claim tournament rewards and will have x2 Multiplier

However in case you’ve finished below 8th spot in the League the season before you won’t be eligible to claim tournament rewards and you will have x1 Multiplier.

In addition to this. In order to participate in the FA competition, you need to earn promotion in the League at least once in the previous two seasons since the new tournaments started. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from FA competitions until you get promoted again. Disqualified members don’t contribute any FA points to their FA and all their matches are counted as 3-0 victories for the opponent.

FA Points Multiplier will start taking effect from the season the new FA Tournaments are introduced so no team will be disqualified during the first campaign.

Example: Multiplier 3X

A win gets 3 points. 3X3 = 9. This member will add 9 points to your FA tally.
A draw gets 1 point 1X3=3 This member will add 3 points to your FA tally.

Multipliers will be recalculated at the beginning of every new season.

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With the new system, you will be earning 2 types of rewards. Tournament rewards that will be claimable after every Association tournament and Division rewards at the end of every season.

Make sure your Association is teamed up and ready to take a spot in the Division group on the 5th day of the season to be able to fight for division rewards.

Tournament rewards will be claimable for all participants with a FA Multiplier higher than x1 despite the position in the division.

New prestigious divisions Diamond and Ultimate will be offering better rewards than ever. So fight your way to the top and secure your spot!

With the new progression system in place, leaderboards of Top 100 will continue to exist however every season leaderboard will reset and FAs from the highest divisions will initiate a new battle for glory.


In addition to this, with new FAs we’re bringing

  • Visual improvements to the FA home, tournament, and schedule screens.
  • Improved FA search option that will ease your search for new members and Associations. With the improvement of the search engine, we also added additional options and search filters.
  • Improvements to Association training sessions. Max out those bonuses!
  • Added a green button next to the player’s name for the easier arrangement of FA friendlies.

Follow this thread for timely updates as new features start appearing in the game. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts Managers. Thank you for your support!

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