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Soon we will share an  article talking about the reslistic structure that has been created, with a main group called Top Eleven – Official Managers Association -Out Game Government Institution which performs as Government and 32 Groups that belong to a different National Federations, and that have currently 1k members that joined the structure of these national Federations in the last few weeks.

It is a Community designed with the idea to Integrate the Top Eleven Communities in a kind of realistic structure, where managers will have the option, to have a own national group and represent their own country in different competitions.

Each Federation have a President -Interim, or Elected-, Vicepresident and then we already played a Nations League in a 3vs3 Format, with National Players and a Captain per team that had the task to decide the Draws in the Local matches.

It worked preety well and we will share more about how the groups -which mainly use local language inside their federations, which is a plus- are doing, the Presidents, Captains, teams, groups that are linked to the Federations, Group Headers with different and cool emblems and jerseys that have been designed etc

But today we will talk about 2 Nominations that have been made in the last hours, and these are to occupy the Roles inside the Ministry of Defence of Top Eleven.

We had 3 candidates to opt for the Role as Minister of Defence and Viceminister, to administrate this “tool” adequately.

@Miltiadis won the elections with 21 votes followed of @Emediong P. who got 8 so they will be in charge of this “community tool” which sketch says the following:

“Sketch –
Main Targets
Reach other T11 communities to share info regarding scammers to prevent abuses, share knowledge about basic rules and reporting options&channels, give advice about link the accounts with gmail and other platforms etc Promote the Fair Play.
Promote a secure and clear Trading System between the managers in the Minustry page by sharing the captures of agreements and if 3 or more parts are involved in a “items exchange” help to clarify the paper of each trader involved to avoid confusions and prevent abuses.
The Ministry can be structured creating different areas that will depend on the Elected Minister who will create the enough roles to make of this Ministry something useful for the rest of communities.
A Ambassor of each community could stay in touch in a private chat to share info of interest.”

Top Eleven – Ministry of Defence O.M.A – Out Game Government

This has been created to homogenize the managers security by creating a Centralized and Transversal tool, so to prevent the scammers abuses and get a quick response vs innapropiate actions performed against the Top Eleven Managers, we will take the appropiate actions that could perfectly be the creation of newsletters to tackle in a quick way the abuses reported by the Top Eleven managers like in this case:

Too, it will have the task to spread knownedge about basic rules that the Terms and Conditions of Nordeus and the Video Prividers have, on how to report issues, claim video providers rewards -thats specified in the Top Eleven Forum, with a sticky thread in the Bugs and Complains subforum- and a etc of security recommendations, such as link the Top Eleven account with Gmail or create appropiate Protocols to do the Items exchanges properly, for example, when more than 2 parts are involved in a  deal -Items multi-exchange deal- . by setting some rules that should allow managers to Agree Items Exchanges in the own Ministry by #tagging all involved parts to prevent confusions and abuses + taking a capture of the own post where the exchange agreements are shared.

Top Eleven Out Game Government,


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