The latest competition added by Top Eleven is now called “Nivea Men League” and we also have a gift!


Another week, another first from Top Eleven and if not long ago we had part of some big updates now we see that Top Eleven started a collaboration with Nivea Men.


Plus, everyone should get today a new jersey from Nivea Men who doesn’t look bad at all. Well maybe the color because I am a Man. U. fan.



If you logged today in the game is impossible not to see the announcements from the game about their collaboration with Nivea but here is something more that very likely you didn’t knew.


If you are lucky and you are from Serbia, then good news for you because you can win some in real life prizes like power banks, jerseys and bags but also in-game booster and tokens as reward.



More information about how to register and rewards you can find at this link.


On the tab Finances in game you should also found Nivea Men if you want to use this brand as sponsor for your jersey.

In my case I founded it on Finances – Sponsorship – Weekly Contract, but this can depend from one account to another.


Now that Top Eleven opened this new chapter in the game we can sooner expect for more brands to join the game so more free rewards for us. Is a win-win-win story for everyone.
And because I found some Nivea products in my house I decided to make a small joke on this:


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