NIK FC – Greek Team

It’s time for our second team interview and we have the honor to show you NIK FC probably the best greek team.

This team have one clear goal, to win every season everything that’s possible for them and so far they did a very great job and they won almost everything.


In 12 seasons they won 25 trophies (2.08 trophies win rate/season) and as you can see they never lost a final in Champions League / CUP and also they never lost a league title.


We had the pleasure to take him an interview and find more about him and his team.

Admin: Why do you like Top Eleven?
Nik: It has strategy/management ( I like strategy-sources management games)
and action in my beloved sport. Also playing live against people from all over the world.


Admin: What don’t you like at Top Eleven?
Nik: I have accepted toll results/ bad day, it’s in football logic sometimes but I don’t like the frequency of the injuries.


Admin: Why the name NIK FC?
Nik: It’s a part of my name. It’s just a short, simple name I use when I ‘m starting playing a game. But after playing 1-2 seasons with that name, won titles, had records, kept some history files, I decided not to change it.


Admin: What’s your favorite formation?
Nik: 4-5-1 V, defense/counter/flanks, normal tackling/ mixed passes/zonal. This is the formation I trust more when I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch my match.


Admin: Your favorite player ability?
Nik: One-to-one for my GK and my ST, aerial def./defensive wall for my defenders, shadow striker for my wingers but my favorite is Free-kick specialist – when it’s working of course.


Admin: Do you counter your opponents formations?
Nik: Always, before the match or during the match if the stats are not doing well.


Admin: Negotions or Transfer Market?
Nik: Transfer market, searching for fast trainers.


Admin: What you would add to Top Eleven?
Nik: More options for academy and scout list players, ability to play in the same league with players/friends from other servers.


Admin: Do you play on the mobile version?
Nik: Playing in pc is much better but I also use mobile for attending the games when I’m out and checking the transfer market from time to time.


Admin: Old mobile version or the new mobile version?
Nik: Old version. I don’t like auto-sign skill points.


Admin: Your best personal achievement in Top Eleven?
Nik: I don’t know what to choose – lol
25 titles in twelve seasons, 13/13 victories in my finals, 3 triple crowns but I want to add about a player I have 10 seasons now and he is still top scorer in my league as my “supporting” record, 17 (non f/b) friends I had in one game.

If you have any question for NIK FC you can leave a comment and he will try to answer you back as soon as possible!600x


  1. the only thing is that you had to spent a lot of tokens ,time from your life ,and too much training!!!tokens for injuries,and rest

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