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Only few days left until 11 February and today I would like to share with you a bit about the new training feature in Top 11.    


Few weeks ago I visited Top Eleven and I had the chance to play a bit with the new training and I can say that is really something big and something new.


Honestly was even above my expectations because it’s complex and from now on you will be able to focus on exactly what you want to create your ultimate player or team.




Top Eleven already showed the training page but it’s not so easier to guess what does everything does so let’s take them one by one and see what’s new in the new version.


A big change will be regarding the skill points because in the new version we won’t have skill points anymore and in exchange when you train your player you will set  exactly what skill you will want to train.

A bad news will be for those who saved skill points and like a tip from me to you, rush and use them because I’m not 100% sure what the game will do with them. It’s clearly they won’t be lost but I’m not sure how the system will decide to assign them.


The first thing you will have to do is to set the players you want to train. It’s a bit different because the new option is even more flexible and you can select directly what you want to train, for example you can choose to train just the defenders or the defenders and the strikers without selecting them one by one as it is at the moment.training11


The second thing and the part where is all the action is to choose the drills. Yes, drills because the new system is based on drills . Each drill is special and is offering unique skill points based on the drill type which make the new system to be more logically and more complex.

For example comparing with the old system where you could do stretching and use the skill points to improve the attacking or defensive skills, here on the new version won’t be possible because by doing stretching you would improve your fitness from physical & mental.


Each drill have 3 levels so the more you train, the more levels you can unlock. It will be at your free choice to choose what to unlock next so the game can’t force you what to choose next.

The new training system will also have levels. You didn’t expected this right? Well me neither! In total there will be over 20 levels and each new level will unlock new drills. In the right corner you will be able to track your training level.


You will be able to do multiple training sessions just by selecting the drills but very important is to pick the right order because every training session can give you different performances but for this you will have REPORTS where you can see your last training sessions to see which one gave you the best results. There will also be a quick option to repeat the training if you liked how much you gain from that training session.training15

Something else that you didn’t expect and again me neither is that they decided that you can’t injury your player anymore in training but also you won’t be able to train your player if he will be under 20% condition or something like that, I don’t remember exactly and regarding the no injury I’m also not 100% sure but that was the plan when I spoke with them.

With maximum one injured player per game and without injuries from training I think this is a real improvement from the game to the customers and for sure we will notice this in game, especially if you can manage to keep your players condition pretty high.


Another cool thing which is brand new in the game is BONUSES , more exactly if you train your players daily you can win a bonus in-game so for those who love to train their players this would be something really cool and if you ask me yes, this is normal, usually players who train should perform better then those who don’t. You will also be able to hire a special coach for training to win this extra bonus.

For me this is not something to much in my advantage because I’m not a fan of training but yes, maybe I would start to be a fan of this new system but the only issue for me and like for the many from the east side of the Europe, videos to win green packs are like winning at the lottery.training8

The only thing left for you after you selected the players, chose the drills then to click on the middle icon START TRAINING and that’s it, your players will start to train.

Above you have a quick preview from a training session and as you can see it’s something a bit animated and it takes sometimes until your training is done but here’s a tip, you can skip all this just by giving a simple click or just tap anywhere on the drills.training2

It will take sometimes until you can get the full advantage of this new feature because depending on how many boosters you have and how many  you are willing to spend it can take from few hours to few weeks, seasons, especially if you are low level and you didn’t had the chance to save to many boosters. training3

If you are lazy in general, pretty much like me you might find all the rotation: selecting players – selecting drills – start training  boring or you will have the feeling that it takes to much time, don’t worry because you will be able to use QUICK TRAINING which is almost exactly the current training system of Top Eleven v 2.0 .


If you ask me what I think about this new feature I think is something new and great because at least for a period of time you will have something new and fun to do in-game and also this new system provides you more options regarding the skills options.

For sure those who are saving their skill points for negotiation would be upset at the start but here I must agree with the game because normally in normal life this would be something super weird to save points and use them just when you want. I know not everyone agrees with me but it’s my personal opinion. How knows, maybe because I never tried to sell my players on negotiation.


Before ending I want to make a big spoiler: Goalkeepers will have now some unique skills.




  1. So glad that goalkeepers will have unique skills. Before I wasn’t sure on which skills to improve for goalkeepers.

    P.S. I think what you do for Top Eleven users is great and I’d just like to thank you, keep up the great work!

  2. I think that all these new things will change the way top-eleven is
    being played! But what will happen with the assigned special abilities?
    For example a ST with Man to Man sp.ab. will keep it or the ability will be disbanded with the new update?

  3. will i be able to continue my players current new role.. i mean for example i have MR, DMR and I’m training him for DR role and it’s half done so please tell me whether i will be able to train his role in new update with current progress??

  4. I’m in love with this… Now I can train players on specific position.. Attackers on fast contre attack , MC’s on possession and dribbling, Defenders on defence, and even goalkeepers have a drill for training… I used it for 2day am very active… Am @level 8 now… I won my match against a strong team.. Average me(18.1) he was(27.7) I beated him 2-0, I was not at home, with a training fast contre-attack I won the match.. And I agree with you in real life you cannot give save skill point, and give it to the player you want.. He must learn by himself if got not talent he cannot have skill.. So am very happy with this update because the only thing people do is to train and save skill point and buy players and give him those skill point… I was pissed of with that!!!! Briefly I love this update…

  5. So a question about training from a newbie; Did the new system make “skill progress” inactive? people i’ve talked to say that my players would evolve and get better and therefor get more stars. I’ve played for some days now, but the players “skill progression” stands still on 0%. i’ve been playing and training and i get point in “gain” (highest was 174 last match) but my skill progress stays at 0% for every single player? Do i need to have a special lvl of training ground to activate the skill progress or do i need to hire a trainer or what? Hope you can help out. thx in advance; Andreas Dam Cold

    1. Actually is quicker now especially if you unlock more whistle on drills that provides you +10% or +20% more but before was kinda easier to understand what changed.

      Are you training your players now on the old or new system? If you are using the old one you should check the training intensity, if is on one line your players won’t train.

  6. Where can I see the progress made my players post a training or as supposed to a month back? Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Joju, you can’t see that far. Only the last few training sessions.

      Cheers and sorry for the late replay!

  7. Hi, its true new training is cool but on one side is training and the other side are rest packs.
    If you use hard profile training,you must use more rest packs than you must use more token and than you must use more money for this.
    Very importet the top eleven made profile skill of training system.f you want traing more less 4 players,you dont give bonus!
    I have idea for other things of ghis game, highlights of the match for manager who doesnt see you match online, and for the goals in match.
    Apologize for me english,thx

    1. Well you cannot change it but you can learn him a new role. Just click / tap on players name and on the new pop-up box you can see in the right corner “roles”, click on the plus (+) icon and choose a new role for him. Be aware that you cannot make a striker from a def. or a goalkeeper. You can only choose a close role to his initial one.

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