New Training – Coming Soon | Part I

Not sure if you noticed but recently Top Eleven started to advertise on Facebook & Twitter about the new training system.        


According to their video released at the start of this month the biggest change will be on the training system which have been completely redesigned.


As well they started to advertise on Facebook and Twitter about the new training system which is coming sooner as they said but the exactly date is still a secret. At least for the moment!




Is hard to say if this is a good move or if is gonna please all the player and to be honest I doubt that’s possible because the game is divided in more categories of players but a change in my opinion is a must.


I’m not a fan of training and if I do it, I only train 1,2,3 players per season but normally I avoid doing it because there’s no fun and also I don’t want to get injured players or tired players just for few more skill points.




I hope the new feature will please most of the players and it will bring something new and fresh in the game at least for a good period of time.


Once we get more information we will come with the second part regarding this subject.

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