NEW – Top Eleven v4.2

Once again we will have a big change in the game and it will be very useful and motivational especially for middle table managers.                                                                                                   

Top Eleven announced today the new version of the game, version v4.2 which comes with something brand new but very requested by many managers including me.


We will finally have a new competition for middle table teams, something like Europa League but because Top Eleven can’t use this name for copyright reasons and because Top Eleven is not based just in Europe and is a world wide game the new competition will be called Super League.



For those who still play the old version of the game will be a bit more complicated, technically you will be able to play your games but I don’t think there will be a tab for this new competition so you might not be able to see competition rules, position, etc.


For sure once we have more details we will inform you and all the rules and everything you need to know will be explained very detailed.


Don’t forget to check us regular because we might have a surprise for you before the new competition will be released.


Cheers up for Top Eleven and all the new updates that they made recently. The game seems to be on the good path and hopefully they will continue with good updates and good news for Top Eleven players!



  1. Τhat’s good cause mid-table teams have finance problems.
    I hope the prze money to be much better than a friendly game.

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