New Page – Redeem Codes

Hey guys, we opened a new page on our website so you can find much easier the new redeem codes from TopEleven.

Visit everyday our website to see if there’s any new redeem code and don’t lose any free gift from the game.

If you know any code that is not on the list, feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the forum and we will add the code/codes on the list as soon as possible.



        1. Hey man, sorry but the game didn’t came with any new code in a very long time. Once there will be new code we will post them here.

    1. Hey Susky, isn’t possible. There’s a trick using negotions but you need at least 2 accounts with similar levels, quite complicated and is quite limited you can’t send more then 15 per season so is quite waste of time.

  1. Could you please make the gifts proper… I mean I’ve got heaps of friends and they send me gifts in groups but I only get one booster or rest… It’s really annoying, it also say that I’ve received one rests… from these friends; rests not rest you know, update as soon as possible pls

  2. Not fair for some of us working and use this game for fun-relax after work. We have no time to daily check for redeem codes, and it is unfair -with only few redeem codes available from Nordeus, to lose the chance for some extra bonus and candies, just because they expire. Sad.

  3. plz Admin, am in need of Token, almost all my players have retired, I need to sign new players to fill in the empty space….my Team is Qudus FC.. don’t let me quit T11, Now oo…

  4. I keep getting an error when I try to use TEDERBY:
    You entered an invalid code a few times. Wait 10 minutes and then try again.

    But no joy 🙁

  5. Please do not make the game hard. You should be like all the other games we introduced free bonus item code, but these codes are just a few of them desirable

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