HASHTAG United got some new jerseys and is very likely to see them in game or at least one of the jerseys.

Top Eleven featured the new kit of HashTag United on their Facebook page with the message “Are you excited to see the latest jersey in Top Eleven?” which means that they plan to add it in the near future.

We don’t know the exactly date but is very possible to have it starting with April!

The colors of the jerseys are pretty similar with the ones from the previous season but this time we have blue as main color and yellow as secondary when last season it was just the opposite.

The good part is that this new combination of colors would make a perfect set with the one from the last season so once it would be released we can have a full set of HashTag United.

With some luck is possible to have more then one jersey because HashTag United released three new jerseys but honestly I do expect to see in-game only the home jersey.

Now all we can do is to way and see when it would happen!



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