New jerseys 2016 – 2017

We finally have the new official jerseys but sadly there are not so many as before.


Comparing with the last seasons we have a much lower number of new jerseys then before and so far there is no explanation coming from Top Eleven.


This season we have the new kits only from 12 teams:





Real Madrid : 3 jerseys

Borussia Dortmund : 2 jerseys

Arsenal FC : 3 jerseys

AC Milan : 1 jersey

Liverpool  : 2 jerseys

Atletico de Madrid : 2 jerseys

PSG : 2 jerseys

AFC Ajax : 2 jerseys

PAOK : 3 jerseys

FC Porto : 3 jerseys

Sporting : 3 jerseys

FC Koln : 3 jerseys



In total we only have a number of 29 new jerseys, much smaller comparing with last year when we had more then double.


I also made you for some screenshoots from in-game to make an idea about all the new jerseys.


As bonus we have Hashtag United but is also very possible a bit later to see an update on Biggleswade jerseys.


Is hard to guess what it will happen with the teams that haven’t been updated yet. It’s still possible to see an update of them at a point but at the same time is also possible to see them removed from the game and it would be quite sad because we would lose some big teams like: AS Roma, Juventus or Benfica.


Sooner we will start a YouTube contest where you will be able to win a jersey from the new collection but until then you can watch our video where we already gifted some of the new jerseys: GIFTING REAL MADRID JERSEYS 2016-2017 .





  1. I thought I can buy officials jerseys and emblems with farming token but after so many efforts getting token I can’t buy, even though the prices are in token and real money, only real money can get officials. This is such a waste of time, I don’t wanna even buy with real money now.

    1. Well you can buy them but you can’t gift them unless you spent some money in game. Actually this rule is really good otherwise everybody would abuse the system and get unlimited officials and would be a big lose for the game.

      I understand your frustration but do not forget that we talk about a big company behind this game who must win a lot of cash in order to keep the game alive and at these standards.

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