New Jerseys 2015 – 2016

Finally after such a long time of waiting we have now the official kit of more clubs in the game. Let’s take a look a closer look.

Before we start, let’s see what teams we have this season: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Red Bull Salzburg, Benfica, Sporting, Porto, Boca Juniors, Ajax, Trabzonspor, Chonbury, PAOK, Buriram United, Shahktar, Sriwijaya, Zenit, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Lech Poznan, Pohang Steelers.

Real Madrid:  There are few changes this season and the first one is comparing with previous years, now they have 3 jerseys and not only 2. Second one is now the jersey have Adidas logo and the home and away jersey have also Fifa badge on  the chest.  The advantage is that jerseys seems more real now but the design from Adidas isn’t so great. The first jersey is a classical one from Real Madrid, a simple white one but the second one seems more with some pajamas and the 3rd one isn’t that great too.

Borussia Dortmund: The first one seems ok but the second is quite boring and same like on Real Madrid, the old jerseys were better.

Arsenal: First jersey is great and looks clean, all the colors fit perfectly, is just red and white but the second jersey is pretty weird. Looks nicer when you click on it and you can see it at full size but doesn’t look so great in the shop, also seems to be one of my old grandfather casual blouses.

Juventus: First jersey is almost like last one but what they did with him? Top Eleven is selling only XXL size for this jersey. Second one seems to be a limited edition only for girls but the 3rd jersey is great, the black and the gold looks great and so far is my favorite jersey 2015-2016. Like in Real Madrid case this is the first time when we have 3 jerseys for this team.

Atletico de Madrid: Home jersey is nice and colors seems nice but the second one isn’t exactly great.

PSG: The home jersey is almost same with the jersey from last season and only few changes on the away jersey. If you already have 2014-2015 it doesn’t seems to be a good deal to buy these ones.

Red Bull Salzburg: Despite seems to be only one jersey if you check on the official jerseys tab you can find both. Nothing to much to be said, both jerseys seems very simple, is nice if you like this but the 2014-2015 jerseys was much better. Lucky to have them already!

Benfica:  Nothing to much to be said, to cute jerseys, both look nice, especially the away jersey.

Boca Juniors: Same like on Benfica, you just can’t complain, both jerseys are lovely, clean and same colors.

Trabzonspor: One of the best jersey set so far despite I am not a fan of that colors. All 3 jerseys are using almost same colors and you can combine them very good.

Chonburi: The home jersey seems OK, a combination of more blue colors but like on the away jersey, same problem, both have to many sponsors of them. Not sure if these are some jerseys or some advertising banners.

PAOK: Another good set, the home jersey is a classic one, blue and white stripes, nothing special but looks nice. The away jersey is simple with a cool design on neck but the big surprise came on 3rd jersey, they used a camouflage pattern and the only thing I don’t like at these jerseys are the sponsor name with blue and red.

FC Porto: Home jersey seems nice and the guys from New Balance did a great job but not sure what to say about the away jersey. That brown just don’t fit with Porto history, same like on Ajax is something from outside of the box.

Sporting: Just another great set, one of the few and what I like really much comparing with the rest is that they don’t have the sponsor name on the chest to destroy the design. 3 great jerseys using a combination of green, white and black.

Buriram United: Nothing special but everything fits nice on them, colors, combination, all sponsors on the jersey.  We have 2 jerseys one on white and blue and one on blue and white and an extra one with a bit more color but also looking decent.

Ajax:  The home jersey seems to be their standard one but like in the last years they f*** up with the away jersey. This season they are using a dirty green for the away jersey, with some black & red stripes on the left arm and down part of the jersey. I’m really not a fan of so many colors on a jersey, they have 4 and the combination isn’t a good one “red; black; green and white”.

Shaktar: You just can’t complain, Shaktar always had nice jerseys and they did a great job this season. The home jersey is using again same combination of colors like last season and also have a great design.

Sriwijaya FC: Who design these jerseys? Please never use these guys again. They won the award for the worst jerseys in Top Eleven.

FC Zenit: The home jersey doesn’t seems something special but looks way more nicer when you open the big picture and is same for the away jersey.

Maccabi Tel Aviv: First jersey is nice, using a powerful yellow and blue to make a good impression and the away jersey doens’t look bad at all. What I don’t like is the 3rd jersey, doesn’t seems to much.

Lech Poznan: Not sure why there’s only one jersey, more then sure a mistake from Top Eleven. The jersey seems quite simple but nothing special. If you are not a fan of this team, this jersey should not be an option for you.

Pohang Steelers: There’s a nice combination of colors on these jersey. I am not a fan of them but these jerseys don’t look bad at all.

If you are wondering what is gonna happen with Levski, Olympiacos, Gotenborg, AC Milan and Liverpool there are 2 options: 1. They will be updated later. 2 They will be removed when the contract between Nordeus and the clubs will expire.

If you want to see them all you can watch a video made by our friend Rodrigo and don’t forget to subscribe on his channel because he have many awesome videos.

Don’t forget to stay tuned because these days we will make some new contest offering one of these new jerseys.


UPDATE: Second day after they changed the jersey came with an update and new kits.

AC Milan: These jerseys are pretty nice and the away jersey rocks but we can’t say same regarding 3rd jersey. The colors dosen’t fit at all with the emblem.

Liverpool: I am a Manchester United fan and I don’t like to say this but these jerseys are the best so far. The design is great, especially the details. The guys from New Balance did a great job!

Olympiacos:  3 jerseys like in the last season, with a good design for home and 3rd jersey but second one isn’t to bad.

FC Koln: This is the only new team they added in the game so far. The jerseys are also nice but about this team we will talk more in a special post.

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