For those of you who still are not used with the new “Formation Screen” here is a great guide from Top Eleven official forum.

The guide is written by SausyFC who is administrator on Top Eleven official forum and all the credits goes to him.

Top Eleven 2018 features an all new formation screen, giving you more control than ever over your player positioning and tactics. Let’s take a look at the changes.


The new formation section features 3 navigation tabs at the top: Lineup, Formation, and Tactics

Lineup: See your entire squad list in greater detail.
Formation: Adjust your formation and set your set-piece takers/Captain.
Tactics: Set your tactics.

Formation Screen:

The Formation screen in Top Eleven 2018 features an all-new fluid pitch, giving you more control than ever over the positioning of your players.

You can now place players anywhere that you’d like on the pitch (except for the goalkeeper, whose position is static). To move them, simply hold down on the player that you’d like to move and drop them in your preferred area. Your substitutes and reserves are available at the bottom of the screen.

New players that you add to your squad will be indicated by a “New” section of your Substitutes/Reserves upon your first visit to the Squad screen after the transfer.

As you’ll notice, when you select a player, their position is highlighted on the pitch.

Important note: your changes are now auto-saved after every few seconds. If you’d like to revert back to your previous formation, click the undo button in the bottom right. During Live Match, there is no Undo when making changes, so keep this in mind when making substitutions.

Matchup View:

Another new element of the Formation section is the Matchup view, in which you’ll be able to see the current formation of your next opponent. Your opponent’s players appear as shaded circles with their star quality underneath. To just see your own formation, click the dropdown button in the bottom right and select My Team

Each section of the pitch in Matchup view will have different shades of green. This is instant feedback designed to indicate your level of control in that area of the pitch. In brighter areas, you’re more likely to control possession, whereas in darker areas, your players will likely face challenges from opponents.

Control of an area is dictated by the amount of players that you have, as well as their qualities, in comparison to your opponents. Players can also have influence in neighboring areas.

Set Piece Takers

At the bottom of the dropdown menu is the option to choose your Set Piece Takers. This is an all new screen that makes it easy for Managers to set multiple roles at once. Drag the player that you’d like to the specified role on the pitch. You will not have to worry about saving here either, as your decisions are automatically saved every few seconds.

In the event that your specified players are sent off or injured, the system will select players for you.

NOTE: For penalty takers, you are only able to select one before a Live Match. However, should a Live Match you’re watching go to penalties, you will be able to select the penalty takers.

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