We are happy to announce that Top Eleven 2015 is planning to add a new feature in the game. The new feature will be great.

For the moment we can’ t tell you more about the new feature but stay tunned and log everyday in the game because this is gonna be something great.

If you want to find more informations about the new feature you can visit Top 11 Official Forum.




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  1. I was on level 7 and today when I woke up I saw My game account was disabled by Top eleven. What should I do now? How long it will take to lift the ban? Btw I used vpn for offers.. 🙁 Help admin

    • You can’t do to much now. They will never remove your ban for VPN.

      The only thing you can do is to delete the app. for like 3 months (don’t log at all, not even for 1 second) then come back, your account will be erased and you can start it from 0 on your facebook account.

      If you think you have a chance with the support team you can contact them at support@nordeus.eu .

      Good luck and avoid using illegal ways to get free benefits.

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