1. We are offering items only at contest. There are hundreds like you, we can’t offer to all of you free items just like that.

  1. I was on level 7 and today when I woke up I saw My game account was disabled by Top eleven. What should I do now? How long it will take to lift the ban? Btw I used vpn for offers.. 🙁 Help admin

    1. You can’t do to much now. They will never remove your ban for VPN.

      The only thing you can do is to delete the app. for like 3 months (don’t log at all, not even for 1 second) then come back, your account will be erased and you can start it from 0 on your facebook account.

      If you think you have a chance with the support team you can contact them at support@nordeus.eu .

      Good luck and avoid using illegal ways to get free benefits.

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