New Competition

It seems that a new competition is on the road and is something I asked for and promoted some time ago.                         


I noticed that Top Eleven developers started a new survey to choose a name for a new competition in the game. A competition dedicated more to the underdogs but a competition that can be as fun and excited as Champions League.


If you log in the game you might get the next survey message:



“New Competition Name: You Decided!


Dear Manager, we need your help with choosing a name for a new competition, and you can do so by f illing out this one-question survey. It won’t take you more than 15 seconds.”


The competition will be dedicated for those from places 5-7 but also a good idea can be that 3rd place from Champions League groups to fall in this new special competition.
You can vote for the name and you have to choose from the next names: Continental Cup, Intertoto Cup, Super League, International Cup.


Personal I don’t agree with the Super League because is more a name only for a league and not a cup but there are some good names like Continental Cup or International Cup.



I am pretty sure that not everyone will be happy because YES is impossible to please everyone but the majority will be and there are more reasons.
A Cup is always motivating managers to be more active, more games will ask for a bigger in-game activity and yes, maybe those who can’t win the titles will find this chance to win a trophy a very good thing and something very motivational.


But if we look closer this will also be an advantage for those who finish between 1st and 4th place in the league, because some of their opponents who promoted in the league with them they will get more games per day and this will increase the chance for them to get injured players, lose condition and moral, things that will create an advantage for those who play in Champions League or better to say, will create a balance between the teams. Yes! On the same time, those who will play on the new CUP might invest more to create better teams and this thing will generate better and stronger leagues.


I am pretty sure I will never play in but you never know, if I will play in for sure I will try to win it because it will be a new experience for me.

Well done Nordeus!



    1. You can’t use an European name because the game is played by a lot of managers from all the world.

  1. I really want to know more about this new competition i hope you find out more on this topic soon… 😀

  2. Can u help me pls? I am blocked from getting free items(like tokens, packets) by using free token pages.. I wrote to game admins but they say
    is it a normal answer? A nice answer for this issue?

  3. Can u help me pls? I am blocked from getting free items(like tokens, packets) by using free token pages.. I wrote to game admins but they say dont write us same topics, dont answer this mail, its about german players/internet connection ect…
    is it a normal answer? A nice answer for this issue?

    1. Hey Ertürk, can you tell me more about the error you are encountering ? I am afraid you are blocked by them for some reasons, maybe banned on those pages. Cheers!

  4. the more competition/tournament, the more we need rest pack.. now, i have 0 rest pack, 9 morale pack, 6 treatment pack, 0 token, 2.8M cash…
    Lvl 1 – League champion, Cup champion
    Lvl 2 – League Champion, CL 2nd, Cup 3rd
    Lvl 3 – Still fighting for League and CL, im out of Cup at 1st match against Chinese player.. League at 2nd postion, cause 1st is Chinese.. CL still at group stage (group leader)
    And most of all i’ve unlocked undefeated at lvl1.

  5. Hi on transfers market there should be able to get better players from 140 percent not just 99percent or 116 percent every level as price has gone up there no offers and why don’t have mangers sacked like in real football and a World Cup

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